A Planner Girl’s Spring Bucket List #PlannerGirlsCollective



Wow! Isn’t this year just flying by? I cannot believe that it is spring already! At least someone finally let Mother Nature in on that particular secret! The morning of the Spring Equinox we actually woke up to a substantial amount of snow! However, we are now on our 3rd day of sunshine and I have laundry hanging out on the line for the very first time this year! A true mark of springtime, although here in Scotland where we can literally have 4 seasons in one day – seriously on Saturday I wore a t-shirt all day, then later that evening had to scrape an inch if ice off of my car windscreen – laundry on the line also means having to perfect the national sport – the 200m laundry dash because a clear blue sky does not indicate that it will not rain at a moments notice!

Image by africa at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image by africa at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Anyway, on to the matter at hand! This week our topic is Spring Bucket Lists! My take on this is probably a little bit different from some of the other girls who will likely be showing you creative journals and the like, but for me, my Spring bucket list consists of some Spring Cleaning of my planner and supplies! So here goes – this Spring I would like to achieve the following :-

  1. Find Sticker Storage Peace – I have a flimsy A5 Folder but it is over stuffed. I think I need to move them into 2 cheap A5 Planners that I have. I am thinking one for kits and then one for functional stickers. It also means I get to make dividers!
  2. Get an A6 Uglydori – I am finding that my personal filofax is no longer working for me as a handbag planner. I still love Mistah J because he is beautiful, but I think I have decided that I really want an A6 Ugly which can double as a portable planner, purse and bill tracker! Now I just need to save the pennies and decide on theme.
  3. Properly Organize My Planner Supplies – I started to organise my planner supplies, but i still have some kicking around so I need to get ontop of my Planner stash and finish sorting that out!
  4. Destash My Craft Supplies & Be Ruthless – I did already destash my craft supplies, but I really think that I need to be ruthless this time around. I am going to get rid of anything that I have never used! I need to get serious about it! I have limited time and at the moment I am really focusing on my Stampin’ Up! business, so I am using mostly those supplies! I will likely just give them away to someone!
  5. Catch Up On My Memory Planner Mini – I have the Bright City Lights Mini Happy Planner which I intend to use for memory planning and journaling. However, I have not even started it! I need to force myself to make time for me!
  6. Find a Blogging & YouTube Planner System That Works For Me – My Poor blog planner is unloved! I think I need to find a system that works for me, because all of those I have tried seem not to! I think I may just combine my Scarlet Moon Crafts planner and my blogging planner together in my A5 Paperchase planner!

I think that’s about it for my list, I am going to set myself the Goal of May 1st to achieve these goals, so I will likely come back and do some kind of accountability post to see if I managed it all!

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My Latest Stationery Purchases – #PlannerGirlsCollective


This week, my fellow planner girls and I are talking about our latest stationery purchases! Now, me personally, I have been trying so hard not to add to my ever increasing stash until I use some of it up, and I have been trying to stick to a no spend in order to save up for 2 fantastic events that are coming up – Pamper & Plan and Scot-Con 2017.  However, I am a stationery addict and there was really no way that I was not going to be able to avoid all of the stationery! So, without further ado, here are some of my most recent purchases.

Dear Lizzy Journal

I first saw this Dear Lizzy Journal when the lovely Michelle (UglyBugPlans) did a quick flip through when she picked it up in the sale. I fell in love with it and she was kind enough to go back to Hobbycraft and pick me one up as well, even although she was nearly lynched by a crazy lady for buying up all the journals (but that’s another story)! I love it because it has a prompt for each week and I definitely need a bit of direction, but it still has room for creativity too!

Mini Happy Planners

So, we all know that I am a Happy Planner girl, right? I already have a mini, a classic and a big one. However, I hadn’t started my mini yet because I was in two minds about what to use it for – a work planner or a journal? I did not want to choose wrong, so the only thing to do was to buy another one, right? So I picked up the 2017 ‘Big City Brights’ version to serve as a journal. I also ‘accidentally’ purchased a mini fitness planner too!

Pretty Paperclips

It is no secret that I am a sucker for a shaped paperclip! However, I actually do have an excuse for these little heart shaped clips! I bought these to use as props when I photograph my Valentine’s stock for Scarlet Moon Crafts. I buy my paperclips from The Lovely Desk on Etsy.

Paper Pads

The last thing that I need in my life right now is more paper, but I have been after the Dear Lizzy ‘Documentary’ pad for a very long time. I am talking at least 6 months or more! It has been pretty hard to get here in the UK and call me cheap, but I do not relish the thought of paying £10-15 for a 6×6 pad! However, I recently spotted it on Craftelier for just £3 in their January sale so obviously I had to give in and buy myself one! I have to be honest, I mainly want this pad for the days of the week paper, but the rest are very cute too!

While I was there, I also spotted a really cute Valentine’s themed paper pad and again, even although I really do not need any more paper I was unable to resist the lure of such a bargain! This one is the American Crafts XOXO pad and it was also  £3.

So, those are my latest little stationery purchases. I think that I have done fairly well in restricting myself on my purchases! I’d love to hear what your latest purchases and favourites have been!

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Planner Spread Sundays : Goth Girls

Planner Spread Sundays

I’m actually a little bit late with this post which just about sums up my life right now! Despite having several planners in action, I am always a day late and a dollar short! However, I wanted to start a new blog series every Sunday called Planner Spread Sundays. The title is probably self explanatory – It is going to be all about my planner layout for the week ahead. I try to post my ‘Plan With Me’ video on my You Tube channel every Sunday night, but I thought this would fit in very nicely with that while giving a bit of a closer look at my spread and the stickers that I am using in it and give me more of a chance to offer a review and first impression of the kit that I am using.

First Impression & Kit Review

This week I am in my Watercolour Happy Planner and I am mainly using the Goth Girls kit from the fabulous Ugly Bug Does. I was recently given the honour of being named a Brand Ambassador for Ugly Bug Does and this is one of the first kits that I am working with for Michelle. If you like the look of it then you can grab it from her Etsy store at Ugly Bug Does. While you are there, you can use my PR code for a cheeky little 10% discount with no minimum spend! The code to use is ALYSOND10 and you can use it every single time you shop with Ugly Bug Does – pretty great, right?

Let’s start off with a closer look at the Goth Girl kit that I will be using today. The kit is priced at £10 and includes 5 sheets of stickers. Now, let me tell you – these sheets are packed to bursting with stickers! Every spare inch of these sheets is covered! I have actually done not just my Happy Planner, but also my Personal Filofax which I keep in my bag and I still have plenty of stickers left over!



You can check out the individual stickers below. They are printed on matte 5″ by 7″ sticker paper using a professional laser printer for a vibrant, crisp finish. The Goth Girl set is in pink, black, purple and green with a glitter effect. It is a really great colour combination that is really going to pop in your planner!

Spread It Wide

Now that I am using a separate planner for my work I don’t have all that much in my regular planner some weeks. This week I have a couple of really busy days and then a few really quite ones so I have a bit of space left which is fine. I can always add things in as they crop up during the week. This style of planning is currently working for me fairly well. I have a to do list on my weekdays and if I have stuff to do on the weekend I also add those. Then I have a ‘Today’ box where I put appointments or things that are going on and that leaves me with a box for decor, quotes or notes.



In this next close up you can really see the detail of the glitter effect. I am not usually a fan of fake glitter on stickers – I love me some real sparkly stuff! However, usually when I see it, I feel like it is too over the top. It is something I used to see a lot when I was doing Digital Scrapbooking and Tagging. However, I like the glitter in this kit because it is fine and realistic rather than chunky and over the top! As you can see here it really looks like it is sparkling. My one thing that I wish I had done differently is that my pen didn’t show up to well on the darker parts of the Ombre boxes. I wish I had grabbed a sharpie or even my white Sakura – I may go back over it later!




I love the fact that this kit included lots of smaller stickers because I love to layer them up. Here I have used the half boxes along with page flags, pins and heart check boxes to create a layered look. Isn’t that little ghost adorable too? That actually came out of another Ugly Bug kit which I will be showcasing soon.. I cam currently hoarding it because, Ghosts!




I never really know what to use my notes column for! Sometimes I decorate it and other times it just seems to get left blank. I have notepaper and sticky notes for taking actual notes! This week I decided to use the habit trackers included in the kit to mark some antibiotics I am taking – 4 times a day! Lord knows I need to keep an eye on that! You can also see the cute bake off countdown stickers that I got from Handcrafted by Sheree who also made my custom Basketball stickers.




As I have said before, Ugly Bug Kits are packed with stickers. Even after this spread and my personal filofax spread I still had lots of stickers left to put in my odds folder. I can probably do at least one more personal layout with this. Here is what I was left over with.


Plan With Me

You can take a look at how I created this spread in this week’s edition of Plan With Me over on my Channel.

I also managed to do my Personal Planner with the same kit and I have lots of stickers left. I also filmed a quick bonus video of my personal plan with me which is also on my channel.