My Planner Wishlist #PlannerGirlsCollective


One thing that I really did not understand when I first got into Planning was how much money it was going to cost me! Wow! I could probably afford the deposit on a house if I had saved up all of the money that I have spent on planner goodies! I have all sorts of planners, accessories, stickers, pens and so on. However, it is never enough and the wish list continues to grow. However, there are always some things that just seem to stay at the top of the list! So, this is my planner girl wishlist!

1 – A Silhouette

My number one thing on my list to buy, which I can never afford is a silhouette. When I first opened Scarlet Moon Crafts I had intended not to touch any of the money it earned before I had enough to buy a silhouette which would allow me to add in all of the other ideas that I have for the shop! However, life gets in the way I there is still no silhouette in my life!

2 – A Monthly Erin Condren

I have to be honest – I didn’t even know that I wanted an Erin Condren until this weekend at Pamper, Plan & Create when I saw Leanne’s (The Geeky Planner) monthly one. Now I can visualise exactly how it would work for me as a work planner! I tend to have a to do list for the week at work that I want to try and complete by the end of the week, rather than daily ones! I am now very tempted to order a monthly while there is a 50% off sale! The one thing holding me back is the $20 shipping which is more than the planner!


3 – An A6 Ugly Dori

I am in love with the Ugly Dori travellers notebooks! If I am being totally honest with myself, I want all of the sizes! However, next on my list is certainly an A6 size. I have decided that once I buy it I will set it up as my purse since it has spots for cards etc. I will then add just a little monthly insert, a notebook and some finance trackers. Don’t forget that if you would like to order yourself an Ugly Dori, and I highly recommend that you do, you can use the code Alyson10 to get 10% off of your order at Ugly Bug Plans.

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4 – Papermate Ink Joy Gel Pens

I adore my Ink Joys, but I keep hearing wonderful things about the gel version which are not available in the UK. I could order them on Amazon, but the cost is so high considering the US which is putting me off. However, one of these days I will just have to go ahead and buy them because I do need them in my life!

Image result for ink joy gel

5 – Rainbow Foil Happy Planner

12 Month Box Kit - Rainbow Foil - BIG / HORIZONTAL

If have wanted this Rainbow Foil Kit since it first came out last year, but I haven’t been able to justify it to myself! I am hoping it might come down a little in price since there are some new kits out now, but it is already on sale at Craftelier so maybe I can be tempted!

6  – Doki Book

I am looking for a cover for my mini Happy Planner, but I am not a huge fan of the colours offered. I did see this gorgeous constellation Doki DiscAgendda Cover that will fit though, so I am after that!

Image by

7 – ‘Stay Positive’ Mini Planner

I really like the new Mini size of the Happy Planner (I currently have 3) but I would love to get the undated one from the new line which is ‘Stay Positive‘ – It also has a matching Classic!

12 Months – UNDATED - MINI Happy Planner® - Stay Positive

8 – Hobonochi Techo

After fondling Michelle’s A6 Ugly Dori complete with Hobo Techo insert I feel I need one!

Photo by Michelle Mills | Ugly Bug Plans

9 – Scene Kits by The Geeky Planner

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Photo by Leanne Snowball | The Geeky Planner

I am currently lusting after the Harry Potter scene Kit from The Geeky Planner. It’s not listed in her store yet, but as soon as it is I am going to be all over it! I can’t find a picture right now, but trust me it is adorable! Another scene kit from The Geeky Planner that is on my wish list is this fantastic Space scene pictured above! Next pay day she will be mine!

10 – Marauders Map Stickers by Pemberley Prints

I just discovered a sticker shop I had not heard of before, Pemberley Prints and she has some kits I really want in my life including a Halloween one, the Lord of the Rings one and of course this Marauders Map one!

Photo by Pemberley Prints

What’s on your planner girl wish list?

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Planner Spread Sundays: Happy Halloween

Planner Spread Sundays


Halloween is finally upon us! If you have been around here for any length of time, then you are already going to know that I LOVE Halloween! It is my favourite time of year and I want it to last for as long as possible! I actually get kind of sad when we finally reach Halloween because it feels like the season is coming to an end. However, since Halloween is on a Monday this year I actually have another while week to enjoy in my planner! I tend to accumulate a ton of Halloween stickers, so I have pretty much just pulled all of the kits I had that are orange and black and worked with those! Here is a closer look at the kits that I am going to be using! They come from Handcrafted by Sheree, The Plump Planner and Panda Planning. I’ve spread them out so that you can get a quick look at the sheets.


20161024_090522 20161024_090557
20161024_090444So, that’s what I had to work with and here comes the finished result! I haven’t added much by way of pen yet since I actually planned and recorded this spread last week while on holiday and I wasn’t sure what I was going to be doing!


Check out my plan with me video for the week as well.

Planner Spread Sundays : I Wanna See You Be Brave!

Planner Spread Sundays


I Wanna See You Be Brave

My theme for this week’s planner spread in my Happy Planner is ‘Brave’. I am using a sticker set from The Geeky Planner called ‘Brave Princess ‘ which is available on her Etsy store. It is more of a mini kit really, so I am also going to be supplementing it with some co-ordinating washi tapes, planner stencil and some additional stickers.

Photo Credit: The GeekyPlanner

Photo Credit: The GeekyPlanner

This week is one of those weeks where I have some bits and pieces going on, but nothing major, so I have added in lots of my cleaning tasks, my TV viewing and some craft and blog projects. As you should know by now, we have a big group trip coming up to Harry Potter Studios and I am in charge of goodie bags! I want to get started on those so I decided to put  check list in the side bar this week of all of the items, even although I know I will not get them all done in a week. I figured I may as well have a reference point somewhere, right?


Since there are no check lists on this kit I am using my planner stencil from Ugly Bug Does to create my own. The pens that I am using are the diamond gel pens which are available in my store – Scarlet Moon Crafts. I am using Forest Green, Blue and Orange. The bill payment stickers are left over from other sets from The Geeky Planner and the icons and other bits I am using come from Ellen Bee Makes, Handcrafted by Sheree, Princess Honey and The Plump Planner.


Planner Spread Sundays : Black & White

Planner Spread Sundays

This week when I sat down to plan for next week, I didn’t really have anything in particular in mind! I had considered using my Ugly Bug Does Boy Wizard kit to fit in with 30 Days of Harry Potter, but if I am totally honest.. I hadn’t added them to my folder yet and I was too comfy in bed to get up and get them… maybe next week! So, with no plan in my head I just flicked through my folder of stickers and what caught my eye was this ‘Black is Such a Happy Colour’ kit by Panda Planning.


However, I knew that there wasn’t really enough here to complete my entire spread in my Watercolour Happy Planner, so I kept on looking and spotted a partially used kit from Sea Salt & Paper which I believe was a part of a Brimbles Box at some point.


Last of all, I hadn’t been using washi in my Planner for a while now, so i decided to dig out some skinny washi and came up with a matching black and white one. Then I decided on a pop of colour with some red and a little bit of glitter!


So, that is pretty much the basis of this week’s spread although I did add a couple of stickers here and there from Handcrafted by Sheree, Princess Honey, Ellen Bee Makes and The Geeky Planner.


I am pretty pleased overall at how this turned out. Black and White is a look that I really love and I really like just the little pops of colour that the functional stickers gave to the overall spread – although it bothered me that the spending tracker was not similar in colour, but it was all I had!



One of the things that I was really excited about this week was that the count down for the Scotland’s Planner Girls’ Edinburgh Planner Meet is getting so close! I am marking the countdown with these cute stickers by Princess Honey.


The other thing I wanted to point out is just that I have been trying to use up odd stickers recently and one of the things i have left over were training stickers for basketball. Chris moved up to Junior officially, so I had no use for Cadet training and I almost tossed them out. Then I realised that if I snip off the ball and the training part I can stick it together without the cadet part! So I definitely encourage you to adapt stickers that maybe are not working for you!


If you want to watch my planning process, then check out this week’s plan with me video on YouTube.

Setting Goals For September


I cannot believe that it is already September! How has this year managed to pass me buy so quickly? Everything seems to be happening in the blink of an eye. Chris has already been a senior for about a month now and he is thriving. It used to be that I could look at him and see glimpses of the man he was going to become. Now I just see the man that he most definitely is. He has made me so proud of him recently with all that he has managed to achieve. He has honestly achieved so much more in his 16 years than I have as an adult. I can see big things happening for that boy I truly can. His exam results threw a bit of a spanner in the works with an unexpected D in maths which is usually his best subject! However, he managed to achieve A’s in Chemistry and Physical Education, B’s in Design & Manufacture and Physics and C’s in French and English. This year he is sitting 4 Highers (PE, English, Physics and Chemistry) and resitting his Nat5 in Maths. Basketball season is about to start again so that means more running around all over the country, although he is now playing only one level and only locally so that will be better for me at least! He has also been working a little bot with one of my clients to earn some money and I am so proud of how he is managing that. He always has been good with cash – this boy was playing monopoly properly from around age 4!


Anyway, that is probably enough of the soppy mama bear stuff, that’s not what this post is about! It’s all about setting goals for September. I haven’t been great about completing (or even setting) my goals lately. Life seems to have been on a bit of a merry go round for me. However, as Autumn rolls in I find myself feeling more like I can cope with everything. I have started to get into a routine with work and have been scheduling some time for crafting and non-work related activities. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that Halloween is right around the corner! Anyway, let’s get into those goals shall we?

  1. Complete 30 Days of Harry Potter Challenge – I have set up my 30 Days of Harry Potter Challenge, so I want to make sure that I stick with it all the way through!
  2. Put up at least 2 new videos every week. – I’ve fallen behind on You Tube due to sickness and various things so I need to get back on track!
  3. Get back on track with Freaky Fridays – Likewise my Freaky Friday posts – I have so many stories left to tell!
  4. Keep on top of the housework. – Things have been sliding of late, so it is time to really start getting into a routine properly.
  5. Walk 30km during September. – I really want to up my Fitness, so I am trying to walk a total of 30km in September!
  6. Complete a ‘No Spend’ Month (8thSept-6thOct) – We are getting a new car and I have Christmas and cacation coming up so I have to curb the spending on stationery!!
  7. Visit My Best Friend – I have plans to visit with my bestie during the Holiday weekend since we really do not see each other enough!
  8. Finish Work by 7pm at least 3 nights per week.- I feel like a broken record here! I really do need to address this work life balance! So I have a new schedule and I want to try and finish work no later than 7pm at least 3 times a week for a start!
  9. Make it to both of my Spiritual Classes – It has been 3 months since i made it to both of my spiritual classes, some months I didn’t make it to either of them.
  10. Set up my Etsy Planner. – I did initially set up an Etsy Planner for my new shop, but It is not working for me so I want to move into an A5!

So, those are my goals, and of course I will be using my planner to help me to achieve them. I still need to add a monthly spend tracker, but here is my Monthly layout so far! I went with a Ghosts theme since Halloween is so close that I can ALMOST smell it. The kit is from Ugly Bug Does on Etsy and you can use my discount code ALYSOND10 to get 10% off of your purchase!


What are your goals for September?