Planner Spread Sundays: Happy Halloween

Planner Spread Sundays


Halloween is finally upon us! If you have been around here for any length of time, then you are already going to know that I LOVE Halloween! It is my favourite time of year and I want it to last for as long as possible! I actually get kind of sad when we finally reach Halloween because it feels like the season is coming to an end. However, since Halloween is on a Monday this year I actually have another while week to enjoy in my planner! I tend to accumulate a ton of Halloween stickers, so I have pretty much just pulled all of the kits I had that are orange and black and worked with those! Here is a closer look at the kits that I am going to be using! They come from Handcrafted by Sheree, The Plump Planner and Panda Planning. I’ve spread them out so that you can get a quick look at the sheets.


20161024_090522 20161024_090557
20161024_090444So, that’s what I had to work with and here comes the finished result! I haven’t added much by way of pen yet since I actually planned and recorded this spread last week while on holiday and I wasn’t sure what I was going to be doing!


Check out my plan with me video for the week as well.

Confessions of a Plannerholic : Autumn Planner Set Up


My Autumn Planner Set Up

53095506I am not really one to ‘set-up’ my planner as per the seasons. I will use seasonal charms and clips and decorate according to the theme of the month/season, but I am not one of those people who will switch into another planner based on the season! I will on occasion pop in a new dashboard or redo my front pockets, but I don’t go crazy! I would sort of like to, but for the most part I just don’t have the time to do it! However, with Autumn approaching we are entering my favourite season. Halloween is getting so close that I can practically smell it!! So I do try to make more of an effort in the spooky months! I would have Halloween every day if I could!

Anyway, getting back on topic – these last few months have been pretty crazy for me. I have been struggling to stay on top of things and I haven’t had as much time for crafting and planning stuff as I would like. Hopefully that is all about to change, but for now my Autumn planner set up is pretty sparse! However, I will show you what I have got going on!

October Happy Planner Set-Up

First of all, let’s take a little peek at my October Monthly Spread in my Happy Planner. I am using the Watercolour version at the moment and it is a classic sized one. The kit that I have mostly used in this is from The Plump Planner and it is her October Ghosts ECLP Monthly View Kit. Karen only opens on weekends so do be sure to get an email alert so you don’t miss out on her next sale window!


Photo Credit : The Plump Planner

The first thing that I like to do with my Happy Planner is to fix the days. They are always sold with a Sunday to Saturday monthly view which is just not logical to me! I especially find it odd since the weekly pages run Monday to Sunday! Anyway, I use date cover ups and day headers to rearrange my monthly views to be Monday to Sunday! I have usually used either Ugly Bug Does kits, or free printable from My Planner Envy so this month it was a little different. Since the kit is designed for an EC life planner the header did not quite match up and i had to do some cutting and rearranging on that! It kind of bothered me that the day headers are actually attached, but I made it work and It is nothing I can blame on the stickers since I am using an EC set in a HP! Besides, surely Frankenstickers are suitable for the season?


I have to be honest, I had gone through and written in a bunch of stuff for October on the original dates so my sticker placement was pretty much dictated by that! However, I am pretty please with how it all turned out. I use my monthly spread for an at a glance for things like Bills, Basketball Games and Appointments. This is actually the earliest that I have ever set this up, so I don’t have everything in there just yet. I was just super excited to get into the Halloween stickers! The other stickers that I used in the spread come from the following stores :

  • Harry Potter Countdown from The Geeky Planner
  • Harry Potter Decor from Ugly Bug Does
  • Basketball Stickers from Handcrafted By Sheree (Custom Order)

As a little nod to the spooky season, my planner clip for the month is also Halloween themed and it is a gorgeous gravestone felt clip which came in a pack of three from Another Old Nag on Etsy. She makes adorable bags and has just gotten into planner accessories too!


Do You Even BuJo?

Another planner that I am setting up for the Autumn Season is something new to me! It seems like the ultimate buzzword in the planner community at the moment is BuJo – If you are not familiar with that then it is time to get out from underneath your rock ad learn that it is actually short for Bullet Journal which is a sort of a hand drawn planner and journal system designed by Ryder Carroll. You can read more about it on the Bullet Journal website.  Everyone who is anyone is starting a BuJo, and even although I feel like I almost have planner peace, I desperately want one of my own! I even saw some stunning limited edition Harry Potter BuJo’s from Moleskin which launch on October 13 in the UK. However, I must not buy one unless I am really going to use it! Instead I figure that I would just shop my stash!

Some time ago I took a notion to make a fauxdori! I ordered a TN insert and some elastic and that was as far as I got! However, that turned out to be a happy coinkydink, because I found that TN insert this week and wouldn’t you know it – it is a grid paper insert! Perfect for a baby BuJo user like myself. So, long story short, I have started to set this up as a kind of tracker and journal for myself with the promise that if I find the system useful I might just treat myself to one of those Harry Potter pretties!


So, on to the BuJo set up! Like I said, I am a totally newbie at all of this and I have no clue what the heck I am doing. So, I trawled planner groups, Pinterest and Instagram for some BuJo inspo and tried to think about what to include. I kind of want this to be almost a rough copy of what is going on in my life before I transfer it into my planners. It will hopefully become a catch all for lists, to dos, appointments, habits and more as well as serving as a journal at the same time. This is what I have so far! I started out with a monthly view for an at a glance look at the month. I have started putting in the stuff that I know about already like birthdays, the basketball schedule and our trip to Harry Potter Studios. Monthly View for October   Next up I have some important dates, a weight loss record and workout tracker. On the facing page I have added in a habit tracker and blocked out some of the days when I know I won’t be doing that task.   20160919_112755   Then I added two daily pages for October 1st and 2nd since they are ‘orphaned’ days that won’t belong to a week! I wanted an hourly schedule and somewhere to put in my water intake and meals. I also added a step tracker and mood record. Then at the bottom is a space to journal. I will see how this set up works out for me, before drawing up the following week.


Last of all, I did a weekly spread for an at a glance at the week. I also added in a space for goals/to do lists for the week, a weekly menu and a weekly step record as well.



I sort of wish I had started from today instead of waiting until October!!

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Planner Spread Sundays : I Wanna See You Be Brave!

Planner Spread Sundays


I Wanna See You Be Brave

My theme for this week’s planner spread in my Happy Planner is ‘Brave’. I am using a sticker set from The Geeky Planner called ‘Brave Princess ‘ which is available on her Etsy store. It is more of a mini kit really, so I am also going to be supplementing it with some co-ordinating washi tapes, planner stencil and some additional stickers.

Photo Credit: The GeekyPlanner

Photo Credit: The GeekyPlanner

This week is one of those weeks where I have some bits and pieces going on, but nothing major, so I have added in lots of my cleaning tasks, my TV viewing and some craft and blog projects. As you should know by now, we have a big group trip coming up to Harry Potter Studios and I am in charge of goodie bags! I want to get started on those so I decided to put  check list in the side bar this week of all of the items, even although I know I will not get them all done in a week. I figured I may as well have a reference point somewhere, right?


Since there are no check lists on this kit I am using my planner stencil from Ugly Bug Does to create my own. The pens that I am using are the diamond gel pens which are available in my store – Scarlet Moon Crafts. I am using Forest Green, Blue and Orange. The bill payment stickers are left over from other sets from The Geeky Planner and the icons and other bits I am using come from Ellen Bee Makes, Handcrafted by Sheree, Princess Honey and The Plump Planner.


Planner Spread Sundays : Black & White

Planner Spread Sundays

This week when I sat down to plan for next week, I didn’t really have anything in particular in mind! I had considered using my Ugly Bug Does Boy Wizard kit to fit in with 30 Days of Harry Potter, but if I am totally honest.. I hadn’t added them to my folder yet and I was too comfy in bed to get up and get them… maybe next week! So, with no plan in my head I just flicked through my folder of stickers and what caught my eye was this ‘Black is Such a Happy Colour’ kit by Panda Planning.


However, I knew that there wasn’t really enough here to complete my entire spread in my Watercolour Happy Planner, so I kept on looking and spotted a partially used kit from Sea Salt & Paper which I believe was a part of a Brimbles Box at some point.


Last of all, I hadn’t been using washi in my Planner for a while now, so i decided to dig out some skinny washi and came up with a matching black and white one. Then I decided on a pop of colour with some red and a little bit of glitter!


So, that is pretty much the basis of this week’s spread although I did add a couple of stickers here and there from Handcrafted by Sheree, Princess Honey, Ellen Bee Makes and The Geeky Planner.


I am pretty pleased overall at how this turned out. Black and White is a look that I really love and I really like just the little pops of colour that the functional stickers gave to the overall spread – although it bothered me that the spending tracker was not similar in colour, but it was all I had!



One of the things that I was really excited about this week was that the count down for the Scotland’s Planner Girls’ Edinburgh Planner Meet is getting so close! I am marking the countdown with these cute stickers by Princess Honey.


The other thing I wanted to point out is just that I have been trying to use up odd stickers recently and one of the things i have left over were training stickers for basketball. Chris moved up to Junior officially, so I had no use for Cadet training and I almost tossed them out. Then I realised that if I snip off the ball and the training part I can stick it together without the cadet part! So I definitely encourage you to adapt stickers that maybe are not working for you!


If you want to watch my planning process, then check out this week’s plan with me video on YouTube.

Planner Spread Sundays : Goth Girls

Planner Spread Sundays

I’m actually a little bit late with this post which just about sums up my life right now! Despite having several planners in action, I am always a day late and a dollar short! However, I wanted to start a new blog series every Sunday called Planner Spread Sundays. The title is probably self explanatory – It is going to be all about my planner layout for the week ahead. I try to post my ‘Plan With Me’ video on my You Tube channel every Sunday night, but I thought this would fit in very nicely with that while giving a bit of a closer look at my spread and the stickers that I am using in it and give me more of a chance to offer a review and first impression of the kit that I am using.

First Impression & Kit Review

This week I am in my Watercolour Happy Planner and I am mainly using the Goth Girls kit from the fabulous Ugly Bug Does. I was recently given the honour of being named a Brand Ambassador for Ugly Bug Does and this is one of the first kits that I am working with for Michelle. If you like the look of it then you can grab it from her Etsy store at Ugly Bug Does. While you are there, you can use my PR code for a cheeky little 10% discount with no minimum spend! The code to use is ALYSOND10 and you can use it every single time you shop with Ugly Bug Does – pretty great, right?

Let’s start off with a closer look at the Goth Girl kit that I will be using today. The kit is priced at £10 and includes 5 sheets of stickers. Now, let me tell you – these sheets are packed to bursting with stickers! Every spare inch of these sheets is covered! I have actually done not just my Happy Planner, but also my Personal Filofax which I keep in my bag and I still have plenty of stickers left over!



You can check out the individual stickers below. They are printed on matte 5″ by 7″ sticker paper using a professional laser printer for a vibrant, crisp finish. The Goth Girl set is in pink, black, purple and green with a glitter effect. It is a really great colour combination that is really going to pop in your planner!

Spread It Wide

Now that I am using a separate planner for my work I don’t have all that much in my regular planner some weeks. This week I have a couple of really busy days and then a few really quite ones so I have a bit of space left which is fine. I can always add things in as they crop up during the week. This style of planning is currently working for me fairly well. I have a to do list on my weekdays and if I have stuff to do on the weekend I also add those. Then I have a ‘Today’ box where I put appointments or things that are going on and that leaves me with a box for decor, quotes or notes.



In this next close up you can really see the detail of the glitter effect. I am not usually a fan of fake glitter on stickers – I love me some real sparkly stuff! However, usually when I see it, I feel like it is too over the top. It is something I used to see a lot when I was doing Digital Scrapbooking and Tagging. However, I like the glitter in this kit because it is fine and realistic rather than chunky and over the top! As you can see here it really looks like it is sparkling. My one thing that I wish I had done differently is that my pen didn’t show up to well on the darker parts of the Ombre boxes. I wish I had grabbed a sharpie or even my white Sakura – I may go back over it later!




I love the fact that this kit included lots of smaller stickers because I love to layer them up. Here I have used the half boxes along with page flags, pins and heart check boxes to create a layered look. Isn’t that little ghost adorable too? That actually came out of another Ugly Bug kit which I will be showcasing soon.. I cam currently hoarding it because, Ghosts!




I never really know what to use my notes column for! Sometimes I decorate it and other times it just seems to get left blank. I have notepaper and sticky notes for taking actual notes! This week I decided to use the habit trackers included in the kit to mark some antibiotics I am taking – 4 times a day! Lord knows I need to keep an eye on that! You can also see the cute bake off countdown stickers that I got from Handcrafted by Sheree who also made my custom Basketball stickers.




As I have said before, Ugly Bug Kits are packed with stickers. Even after this spread and my personal filofax spread I still had lots of stickers left to put in my odds folder. I can probably do at least one more personal layout with this. Here is what I was left over with.


Plan With Me

You can take a look at how I created this spread in this week’s edition of Plan With Me over on my Channel.

I also managed to do my Personal Planner with the same kit and I have lots of stickers left. I also filmed a quick bonus video of my personal plan with me which is also on my channel.