The following publications feature my work either as an author or an editor.

 I am a regular contributor to Haunted Attraction Magazine. I cover a range of topics including hauntings, murders, abandoned buildings and strange occurrences.

Sea of Ink is very much my baby! Along with a few friends from my OU Creative Writing course I helped to form a non-profit publishing group called Ink Pantry. Sea of Ink was our first vanity project and as well as serving as marketer and distributor, I am also one of the authors published in the anthology. I take more of a back seat these days, but Ink Pantry will always have a place in my heart.

I had the pleasure of working with Dave Westfall from in the creation of his elopement guide ‘How to Save 90% on Your Wedding and Still Have a Honeymoon’. I was involved in many aspects of the book and received an editor credit on the final publication.
Fields of Words is the second vanity project from Ink Pantry. I do not have a piece published in this book, but once again worked on all aspects of publication, especially editing, marketing and distribution.

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