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PGC_23JanIf there is one thing that every planner girl loves to do, then obviously it is shop! That is part of the reason I am currently trying to destash my craft and planner and stationery closet.. it has began to grow out of the closet and into the entire house! However, that certainly doesn’t stop me from wanting to buy more! Since I love to share I am going to enable you all with links to my favourite shops for planner, journal and stationery supplies!

However, before we get into that… let me just do a shameless plug and show you this handy little product that I have for sale over at Scarlet Moon Crafts! An online orders tracker! You can buy a whole pad or you can just purchase a few sheets to put into your A5 planner. Just click on the image to go direct to the listing!

My Favourite Planner & Journal Shops

So, now we can get on to the real purpose of the post! These are the shops that I shop with most often and they are my go to places that I look first when I need something. If I can buy it from one of these guys then I will! I much prefer to shop in the UK for both speed and to avoid VAT charges on delivery!

  1. Ugly Bug Plans
    Ugly Bug Plans is of course the home of the beautiful UglyDori travellers notebook! I will be introducing my own Uglydory in a post and video very soon so keep your eyes peeled! Aside from the UglyDori, Michelle also sells my favourite sub box and a range of amazing stickers and accessories too! She is also an all around awesome planner babe!
  2. Handcrafted by Sheree
    Handcrafted by Sheree is a fellow Scottish planner girl, so I love being able to support her shop. However, even if she wasn’t I would still buy from her. I would say I buy around half of my stickers from Sheree. She has also done some customs for me in the past.
  3. Small Stuff Creations
    One of the things I love most about Small Stuff Creations is that Ashley-Jane makes tiny little stickers that are perfect for personals, minis and Bujos. I pretty much use all of her stickers in my BuJo! Small stickers at small prices what more can a girl ask for?
  4. Paperchase
    We can’t always rely on Etsy of course and this list would not be complete without Paperchase. It is really one of the only high street stores in the UK for planner stuff. A few other shops have some stuff, but Paperchase is like the mothership!
  5. Thomson’s Craft Supplies
    The lovely Louise runs Thomson’s Craft Supplies over on Facebook. She stocks a wide range of crafting supplies and has just started to stock planners too! Well worth a wee nosy in her group!
  6. The Crafty Goblin
    I buy a lot of supplies from The Crafty Goblin for charms, mainly because they stock som many geeky/fandom items. If you are into Doctor Who, Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, Sherlock, Supernatural and so many other shows then you will want ot look over here for sure!
  7. Craftelier
    Craftelier is a great place to get some of the brands that are not really available in the UK. I found them when looking for Smashbooks. They are discontinued and certain books are like gold even in USA, but they are still in stock at Craftelier. They also stock Mambi, Heidi Swapp and Silhouette among others. Apparently, some people have had bad experiences, but I can honestly say that I have shopped with them for over a year and had one parcel delayed.. and that was fixed within 12 hours and I was sent a voucher and candy!
  8. Crafty Ali Cat
    I love Crafty Ali Cat for inserts and TN notebooks. She is a recent discovery for me, but I can see myself buying a lot in the future!
  9. Panda Planning
    Panda Planning is another one of the stores that I have bought a lot of stickers from. I love the little mini  kits that she does and it is an inexpensive way to #buyallthestickers!
  10. The Geeky Planner
    The Geeky Planner was actually the very first planner shop I purchased from. I love all of the themed sets that she has and shipping is always really fast.

So, those are my top ten favourite planner/stationery/craft shops to buy from. I am always looking to add new favourites, so why not share your favourite shops below? Also, while you are at it, be sure to visit with the other girls from the Planner Girls Collective and find out where they go to shop!

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