My Bucket List

I’ve had a bucket list of sorts running through my head for years, and I only just got it down on paper (screen). Some things I have achieved already, others I might never accomplish, but here they are in no particular order.

1. Visit Rome

2. Get Married  (May 2011)

3. Stay in a 5 star hotel (May 2012)

4. Visit Dublin  (August 1999)

5. Go on a ghost hunt  (October 2013)

6. Lose 100 lbs

7. Complete Race for Life x2 (June 2008 & June 2009)

8. Get my tongue pierced. (December 2008)

9. Get my nose pierced. (May 1996)

10. Get a tattoo.

11. Publish a book.

12. Have a poem/short story published.  (December 2012)

13. Walk on hot coals. x2 (Nov 2010 & Nov 2011)

14. Walk on broken glass. (Nov 2011)

15. Go to America.

16. Go to a WWE pay per view.

17. Get a puppy. (June 2010)

18. Learn to drive. (September 2013)

19. Stay in a hotel alone. (March 2011)

20. Get a degree (October 2014)

21. Get published in a magazine

22. Learn to Swim Properly

23. Take up Horse Riding

24. See The Northern Lights

25. Go to Harry Potter Studios

26. Go to Game of Thrones Studios

27. Run a 5K

28. Join The Gym (May 2015)

29. Own My Own Home

30. Start a You Tube Channel

31. Open a Stationery Store

32. Join a Paranormal Team

33. Write a Book About Local Ghost Stories

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