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I am happy to consider guest posts on A Life Lived in Words. However, unless you have read the information below you are likely to not receive a response from me. I will always give priority to bloggers who have connected with me in comments and on social media so take some time to get to know me!

Preferred Topics & Subjects

I am currently transitioning A Life Lived in Words to a more planner and stationery focused blog; however, from time to time I may also blog about my family, share my creative writing, share activities I am involved in and talk about issues that I have an opinion on.  I am willing to consider any guest post that has something that interests me. This includes stationery related posts, crafting, writing/blogging tips, pets, paranormal and other lifestyle topics. I do not discuss fitness or weight loss over here and I won’t publish adult content here.

Do not submit complete posts, send me 2 or 3 ideas to choose from.

Quality Requirements

You must be able to write in proper English. I will not publish guest posts that are clearly written by someone with poor English skills. I won’t edit for spelling and grammar so be sure to proofread. Posts should be at least 300 words long, but 600 to 1200 is ideal. You should include photos that you have permission to use and which are properly attributed. I also require that posts are unique and your own work. Quotes and figures must be backed up with evidence.

Link Policy

I will allow relevant non-commercial links within the content itself. You should also provide a bio which I will allow a link to your own blog and links to social media profiles. If you are looking for a commercial link for your business, then contact me about sponsored posts. Guest Posting is allowed by bloggers only.

Agreeing to look at a particular topic is not a guarantee that I will publish the finished piece.

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