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Welcome to another edition of Confessions of a Plannerholic! This week we are talking about our Halloween bucket lists! I love Halloween, but this year I feel as though it has almost passed by without me being able to do all that much! However, even although we are staying home this year I still have a few things that I would like to do! It might be a short bucket list and many of the things are just silly little things, but I am still looking forward to it! A few of the things I have already done because they were more like Halloween Weekend activities!  So, without further ado let’s take a look at my Halloween bucket list!

My Halloween Bucket List 2017

  1.  Film & Edit a Halloween Video
    I attempted to do Vlogoween this year and I pretty much failed! Things happened and I ended up not managing to get videos done and edited on time, then I lost a bunch of footage. The result was that I ended up not having videos up everyday. I think I managed about 10 videos! However, I do have the supplies for one last video that I never got around to making and that is 3 Easy Halloween Costumes. So I hope to film and upload that today which will be fun as I get to dress up a little!
  2. Carve a Pumpkin
    I actually forgot to buy my pumpkins this year! If the supermarket has any left at all then I might go ahead and get one in the morning. If not I may have to go old school Scottish and carve a turnip!
  3. Go Ghost Hunting
    I have always wanted to do a Halloween ghost hunt, but for one reason or another I haven’t managed to get the chance. I didn’t think I was going to again this year since the only one I knew of was far too expensive. However, on Thursday night I got asked if I was free to help out an event in Dunoon on Friday so of course I said I can come along! It wasn’t a full on investigation, but it was still fun!
  4. Watch a Horror Movie
    We usually always pull out a horror movie to watch on Halloween night. I’m not sure which one it will be, but it’s a tradition we always stick to!
  5. Have Our Samhain Feast
    I am Wiccan, so I always like to have a bit of a Samhain feast on Halloween! We have candied apples, nuts, fairy spice cakes, colcannon, roast meat, pumpkin bread, remembrance cookies and soul cakes. Traditionally it is eaten at sunset, but due to basketball practice we may be a little late.

So, that is my Halloween bucket list. What sort of activities are you planning?

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