Tuesday 10 : Currently… #TheTue10

tttenbuttonIt is Tuesday again and that means that it is time for another Tuesday 10 post. This week, the theme is ‘Currently’, so I am listing 10 different current things that I am doing. I love the them this week, I was actually looking at some stickers that people had made for their planners doing just this, so this is a lot of fun! ┬áSo without further ado, right now, I am currently …

  1. Reading : The Magical Cures Mystery Series by Tonya Kappes
  2. Watching : From Dusk Till Dawn on Netflix. We just started watching it, I think we are two episodes in right now and so far I think I kinda like it!
  3. Eating : Way to much American candy shipped from my penpal! I am having a very bad week in terms of my diet plan and I have so far had some Chessmen, a Marshmallow Milky Way, some peanuts and some Almong Butter!
  4. Drinking : Kool-Aid from that same pen pal. I have wanted to try Kool-Aid forever and mainly for a single reason.. so I can legitimately say ‘ I drank the Kool-Aid’!
  5. Listening : Taylor Swift and Black Stone Cherry. Two very different artists, but they dominate my playlist in the car right now. I am very often singing my heart out on the motorway to one of them! Right now my favourite is most definitely ‘White Trash Millionaire’. It’s an oldie but goodie! Have a listen if you like rock music.
  6. Wearing : Leggings, Boots and a T-shirt. I was out with my Mother-In-Law today which meant real/matching clothing instead of gym gear or jammies. So, today I have on my leopard leggings, a black and brown tunic and black knee length boots.
  7. Feeling : Frustrated becasue my bank sucks! Seriously, it is pay day – I have grocery and butcher orders placed, I have no petrol and no electricity. My bank has decided to cancel my credit cards! What the actual hell!
  8. Enjoying : Opening all of my mail from various penpals. I seriously love these girls! I got so much gorgeous stuff in the mail! I cannot wait to show you guys it all when I post Mail Call next Monday!
  9. Thinking : I really should be getting on with my work! I did not get my work finshed today, but I am just going to live with that tonight and go to bed! I will work my butt off tomorrow!
  10. Loving : My new desk area, it has made working so much more pleasant. I tidied up and rearranged it all and it is really working for me!