The Tuesday Ten: Classes I Would Love to Take [#TheTues10]

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This week, the topic is about classes I would love to take. There are actually a lot of them and some of them I have recently started, so maybe I am cheating by including them, but hey – it’s my blog and we play by my rules!

  1. Tarot Card Reading
    I have always been interested in Tarot, ever since being a little girl. I have really wanted to learn how to use the cards properly, but I know that most of it is instinctual and not what is listed in the books. However, in February my local Angel Healing centre decided to run a monthly class which I have been attending. It has been great to just study the cards and see everyone’s different deck and how they interpret them. I am using the Anne Stokes gothic deck which is beautiful.
  2. Wicca
    Wicca is something I have always dabbled in and have studied via books, but I have felt like this year is the year that I want to really learn about it. So again, the local angel centre offered a monthly group/circle which I have been attending and I have really learned alot.
  3. Psychometrypsychometry
    In recent months at various workshops and investigations it has become apparent that I have something of a talent for it. It is something that I want to start learning more about and developing so I am on the lookout for workshops and classes on it.
  4. Spanish
    I don’t know why, but for some reason I have always fancied learning Spanish! My high school didn’t offer Spanish, just French and German – I studied German.
  5. Creative Journalling/Planning
    I get so jealous when I see all of the creative planning and journaling workshops and classes that run in the United States.I wish we had stuff like that here in the UK. I would love to go to one of The Rest Girl’s workshops.
  6. Reiki
    Reiki is something that I would love to learn. I almost took a course last year, but it fell through.
  7. Psychic Development

    I have taken a couple of one day workshops, but I have been looking at a full course that I think might be interesting. It costs a little bit of money though, so it is something to save up for. In the mean time I am content to self study.
  8. Scrapbooking
    I enjoy scrapbooking and smashbooking. I would love to take some classes, but again it is something that only seems to go on in the US.
  9. Art Classes
    I would love to be able to paint and draw. I am not sure if it is something that you can ‘learn’ if you have no natural talent, but I think with the right techniques, most people can create something beautiful.
  10. Sewing Classes
    downloadI have always wished that I could sew. I would love to be able to make my own clothes. I can about manage a cushion cover, but would love to be able to create a top or a dress.

The Tuesday Ten : Goals For April



I haven’t been taking part in the Tuesday 10 for a while but I have been wanting to get back into it, so I figured that since this week is a goal setting week it would be as good a time as any to do that and I can also knock out my goal post for the month as well.

tttenbuttonAs always, if you want to take part in The Tuesday Ten, then pop on over to the Facebook group and join in the fun.  There is a brand new topic every Tuesday.

Now, as it is spring time and a time for rebirth and refreshing things most of my goals for April are going to revolve around organisation! So, without further ado, here are my April goals…

1. Set Up My Blog Planner & Editorial Calendar

I am in the process of putting together a planner specifically for my blogs. I will be using my Websters Pages Colour Crush in sky. I want to start planning out my posts and my social media along with tracking my stats and content ideas. So far all I have in my planner is some monthly pages and some dividers. I need to look for or design some nice inserts that will do what I need. My aim is to set that up before the first of April. I will also develop editorial calendars for my blogs.

2. Set Up A YouTube Channel

I have been saying it for a while now but I really do want to set up a YouTube channel. I have already filmed my first video and I just need to edit it and upload it.

3. Clean and Reorganise Kitchen

I have been getting my house sorted out slowly but surely. This month I got most of the bedroom sorted out. This month I am tackling the kitchen. I Want to do a deep clean and total reorganisation of the cupboards and in behind the appliances and so on.

4. Clean and Reorganise Bedroom Cupboards

I say most of the bedroom has been done because I still need to take care of my closets. They are full of so much junk it is unreal! I want to try and get that organizers this month.

5. Create a Monthly Budget

In around 2 months time my financial circumstances are set to change. We need to work out a budget and stick to it!

6. Create a Monthly Cleaning Schedule

Once all the organizing is done, the easiest way to keep on top of it is to have a monthly cleaning schedule so I want to create one to fit into my happy planner.

7. Cancel Cable Subscription & Phone

One of the areas we are looking to save money from is our cable services. We honestly only ever watch Netflix, WWE Network and YouTube now and we have access to my mother-in-law Sky Go account if we wanted to watch something else. It seems silly to pay for cable on top of that. We also get free calls on our mobile phones so the phone is going too.

8. Tidy Desk

The way that I have my desk set up at the moment is not working for me now. I want to clear it off and start over!

9. Paint Bedroom

I still haven’t gotten around to painting my bedroom yet. So now is the time!

10. Set Up Spiritual Journal

I have another planner / journal that I want to set up for all of my spiritual and paranormal stuff. It is a white WP colour crush.

The Tuesday 10 : My Favourite Time Wasters

tttenbuttonIt is Tuesday again and that means that it is time for another Tuesday 10 post. This week, the theme is ‘Favourite Time Wasters’. As a world champion procrastinator, this is something I can really get behind! I also spend a great deal of time waiting on Chris at basketball practice and I have to fill my time some how! So, here are my favourite ways to waste some time…

  1. Instagram – I’ve had Instagram for a while, but it is only recently that I really started using it more. Sort of ever since I got into the planner community I guess! I try to post my makes and my planner layouts as well as the odd family picture. If you want to follow me, then you will find me @tygersnaps.
  2. Facebook – Seriously, how much time do we all waste on Facebook! I am really trying not to use it as much as I used to! I have given up games on there so I don’t spend 4 or 5 hours on Farmville now!!!
  3. The Simpsons : Tapped Out – This is my current addiction. I love games where you can build cities and this game is such a blast!
  4. Etsy – There are so many different beautiful things on Etsy! I spend hours loading my cart with things I can never afford to buy!
  5. You Tube – In the past, I never really ‘got’ YouTube. My teenager spends hours on there, in fact he rarely even puts television on! However, since discovering a couple of YouTubers that I really enjoy I do find myself on there a lot – usually late at night. MY favourite channels are MrsBrimbles, Grav3yardGirl, BitsAndClips, SprinkleOfGlitter, LeighannSays and Screen Junkies
  6. Reading – Does reading count as a waste of time? I don’t think books can ever be a true waste of time, but yeah if I am sitting around waiting then I will often pull up some kind of book on my tablet!
  7. Wish Listing – I spend a lot of time that I don’t really have adding stuff onto my wishlist on Amazon!
  8. Binge Watching Netflix – I like to Binge Watch tv while I am working. Usually on Netflix, but sometimes on WWE Network or SkyGo.
  9. Pinterest – I love checking out cute stuff on Pinterest and can easily lose hours on there!
  10. Paper Crafting – I love paper crafting and I want to spend lots more time on it if possible!

What’s Your Favourite Way to Waste Time?

Tuesday 10 : Currently… #TheTue10

tttenbuttonIt is Tuesday again and that means that it is time for another Tuesday 10 post. This week, the theme is ‘Currently’, so I am listing 10 different current things that I am doing. I love the them this week, I was actually looking at some stickers that people had made for their planners doing just this, so this is a lot of fun!  So without further ado, right now, I am currently …

  1. Reading : The Magical Cures Mystery Series by Tonya Kappes
  2. Watching : From Dusk Till Dawn on Netflix. We just started watching it, I think we are two episodes in right now and so far I think I kinda like it!
  3. Eating : Way to much American candy shipped from my penpal! I am having a very bad week in terms of my diet plan and I have so far had some Chessmen, a Marshmallow Milky Way, some peanuts and some Almong Butter!
  4. Drinking : Kool-Aid from that same pen pal. I have wanted to try Kool-Aid forever and mainly for a single reason.. so I can legitimately say ‘ I drank the Kool-Aid’!
  5. Listening : Taylor Swift and Black Stone Cherry. Two very different artists, but they dominate my playlist in the car right now. I am very often singing my heart out on the motorway to one of them! Right now my favourite is most definitely ‘White Trash Millionaire’. It’s an oldie but goodie! Have a listen if you like rock music.
  6. Wearing : Leggings, Boots and a T-shirt. I was out with my Mother-In-Law today which meant real/matching clothing instead of gym gear or jammies. So, today I have on my leopard leggings, a black and brown tunic and black knee length boots.
  7. Feeling : Frustrated becasue my bank sucks! Seriously, it is pay day – I have grocery and butcher orders placed, I have no petrol and no electricity. My bank has decided to cancel my credit cards! What the actual hell!
  8. Enjoying : Opening all of my mail from various penpals. I seriously love these girls! I got so much gorgeous stuff in the mail! I cannot wait to show you guys it all when I post Mail Call next Monday!
  9. Thinking : I really should be getting on with my work! I did not get my work finshed today, but I am just going to live with that tonight and go to bed! I will work my butt off tomorrow!
  10. Loving : My new desk area, it has made working so much more pleasant. I tidied up and rearranged it all and it is really working for me!

The Tuesday 10 : If I had £100 … [ #TheTues10 ]

tttenbuttonIt’s Tuesday and that means that it is time for another Tuesday 10. This week our list is about things you would buy if you had £100 in your wallet. I am taking this to mean £100 of fun money – becasue if it was just there I woul no doubt have a bill I had to pay. So, anyway – If I had £100 of fun money on me right now I would buy :-


  1. The Quick & Curious Kate Spade 2016 Planner (£29.99) because I love the colour and I could never usually justify spending that much on a planner that isn’t refillable!
  2. A Home Planner Kit for  my Happy Planner (£9.99) because I need to get this place in some kind of control!
  3. A Freddy Krueger POP figure! (£9.99)
  4. A Jason Voorhees POP figure! (£9.99)
  5. Hero Arts Clearly Kelly To Do List Stamps (£7.50)
  6. Starbucks! (£2.50)
  7. Sakura Stardust Pens! These are like writing with unicorn tears. (£3)
  8. Chocolate, because I assume calories are also not an issue! (£1)
  9. Sticky Crystals for craft projects because.. bling! (£1)
  10. Takeout For Dinner (£25)

Total spent – £99.96

What Would You Buy?

The Tuesday 10 : Goals For September

It’s Tuesday and that means that it is time once again for another Tuesday 10 post. Since August is drawing to a close it is time to plan for some goals for the coming month and reflect on those goals I set for August – now it has occurred to me that I ended up not posting my August goals, but I did do a Summer Bucket List, so let’s just see how much of that I achieved instead!

There were a few trips we wanted to make including The Kelpies, Bothwell Castle, Blairdrummond Safari Park, Millport and Gem Rock. We managed to squeeze in 2 of those (Blairdrummond and The Kelpies) and we intend to go to the castle this weekend. The other two were basically rained out! I also wanted to fit in a ghost hunt, which I did at Sailor’s Walk in Kirkcaldy. I managed to take a week off of work which was fabulous. We got Chris’s room decorated, but not my own. I did not get a chance to work on a business plan for the new venture which I am sad about, but it has been so busy.

  1. Work on my Business Plan
    Carried forward from August : I have plans to open a stationery store and I need to get started on a business plan for it so that I can approach potential funding sources.
  2. Get My Accounts up to Date
    I haven’t touched this year’s accounts yet! I need to get that sorted out asap!
  3. Decorate my Bedroom
    How long has this been on the list? It is cleaned out now so there is no excuse!
  4. Create & Stick to A Blogging Schedule
    My blogging has fallen by the wayside. I have so much I want to do and say, but not enough time to do it, so I need to plan that better!
  5. Lose 10lbs!
    I feel like this is always my goal every month! I have really been struggling lately, but it is time to step things up a little bit and get things moving again!
  6. Complete the ListersGottaList Challenge
    I started ListersGottaList for August and fell so behind, I am playing catch up but I want to make sure that my lists are done each night.
  7. Use My Planner More
    I love my Happy Planner, but I really want to get into using it more!
  8. Stick to 5K Training
    One of my goals for October is a 5K – so last week I started ‘Baby Steps to 5K’. I want to stick to that this month.
  9. Stick to Gym Schedule
    I think I hit the gym once all Summer. I must get back into it with gym and aqua!
  10. Get My You Tube Channel Up & Running
    I have wanted a You Tube channel for so long, but I keep running into camera issues! Argh! I WILL start it in September!

The Tuesday 10 : Games I Played as a Kid

tttenbuttonIt’s Tuesday again and that means that it is time for the Tuesday 10! This week we are taking a trip down memory lane with 10 Games I Played as a Kid! This is going to be lots of fun, because I was the youngest of 4 girls and my older sisters often created some spectacularly weird games to play which I guarantee will be totally unique!

  1. Grunder Hunters!
    This is one of those unique (read weird) games that I talked about! My older sister invented this. We would get up in the middle of the night and take our duvets into the living room. My sisters would put them over their heads and chase me around the room shouting grunder hunters and if they caught me I became absorbed by the duvet. I have no idea why! I asked one of my sisters recently what the point was and she just shrugged and said I think we just wanted to make you laugh until you wet yourself!

  2. Sardinesgames__sardines_by_scummy

    Everyone knows this one right? It’s a variation of Hide & Go Seek where you someone hides and the others have to find you. Whenever someone finds you they join you in the hiding spot and you usually have to call out “2 Sardines In a Can” (or whatever number of you there are). As the game progressed the hiding spot gets increasingly cramped. The loser is the last one left not in the ‘can’. I have memories of about 9 of us managing to get underneath someone’s granny’s bed!

  3. Game of Life
    I love this board game and I really want a copy to play now, but it’s ridiculously expensive! I am on the lookout for a cheap version. Thinking about it now it seems like a silly premise for a game. The goal is to get married, have a job and a couple of kids – how lame is that for a kid? For whatever reason it still worked out being really fun!

  4. Mousetrap

    I loved Mousetrap. I actually have it in my closet! My husband bought me it a few years ago. It took forever to set it up, and the trap would always fall when you didn’t mean for it to happen, but it was so much fun!

  5. Sonic The Hedgehog
    We didn’t have a console when I was growing up. In fact I was 21 when I first had a games console and it was my husband that brought it when he moved in with me! However, my friend had a Sega and we would spend hours playing Sonic! To this day I still adore Sonic! Original Sonic though – not new 3D Sonic!

  6. Dungeons & Dragons
    Yep, so incase you did not know I am a total geek. I love Dungeons and Dragons and I have 2 different sets that I used to play all the time!

  7. Peever
    Getting old school now! You probably know it as Hopscotch, but here in Scotland – at least in the West – it is (or was) called Peever.

  8. Red Rover

    Sometimes playground games are brutal! Red Rover was one of those – it actually got banned at a lot of schools including mine because people got hurt! It starts with 2 equal teams and each takes it in turn to call out a player on the other team by chanting “Red Rover, Red Rover Send ______ Right Over!”. The named person has to run towards the opposite team who are all holding hands. The runner has to break the chain. If they fail they are absorbed into the team and if they succeed they get to take the two members of the opposite team who broke back to their own team! It got highly competitive and people would end up rolling on the ground still holding hands. NOTHING could convince you to let go because you would face ridicule from your team mates!

  9. Rounders

    We used to play rounders at PE in school, but also in the street. I don’t remember the rules, but it was some kind of hybrid of cricket and baseball!

  10. Murder In The Dark
    Every child’s birthday party needs a good wholesome murder themed game to play.. right? Was this normal in other kids? I have no idea! Basically there was one murderer and the rest were police! The lights would be turned out and a parent would tap someone on the shoulder to indicate that they were the murderer. They would then creep around the room and tap someone to murder them. That person would scream and fall down dead. The lights come on and everyone guesses who the murderer is. The game continues with someone dying each time you turn out the lights until the murderer is caught!

The Tuesday 10 : Bucket Lists #TheTue10

tttenbuttonIt’s been a couple of weeks since I did the Tuesday 10 and it has actually been on a bit of a hiatus, but it is time to get back into it again and today we are talking about Bucket Lists! I have a bucket list stored on my blog and many of the things have been checked off! I think that a lot of them are kind of ‘normal’ things, things that I am likely to be able to achieve rather than totally crazy things! So, instead of talking about those items what I wanted to do is think about my Summer bucket list. This was actually one of the topics that I missed out in June, but I feel like my Summer is flying past at an alarming rate, so I want to try and plan some things that I want to do in the month or so that is left!

  1. Take Robert to See The Kelpies

    I have already been to see the Kelpies, but Robet hasn’t so I said that we would take a drive up there while he is off on Holiday. I really want to see them at night, but sunset is pretty late right now so I am not sure if we can manage that. We might try and make it a date night the week that Chris is away at camp.

  2. Go to Blair Drummond Safari Park

    Ever since I passed my driving test I have wanted to go to Blair Drummond Safari Park. We did go a couple of weeks ago on a NAS trip, but I want to actually drive there so we are planning on making the trip next week.

  3. Visit Bothwell Castle

    This is more because I am pretty embarassed by the fact that the Castle is about 10 minutes from my house and we have Historic Scotland memberships to get in free, but have never been so we need to make an effort to actually visit!

  4. Decorate Chris’ Bedroom

    While Chris is in Belgium we are going to take the opportunity to decorate his bedroom. Nothing super fancy, just painting it, putting up some pictures and maybe new curtains.

  5. Take at Least a Week Off Work

    When you are self employed, you rarely seem to get any time to yourself. Holidays are unheard of. However, I am shooting for a minimum of one week off work if not two so that we can enjoy some time as a family. I am working extra hard this week so that I am ahead!

  6. Work on a Business Plan for My Store

    I have plans to open a stationery store and I need to get started on a business plan for it so that I can approach potential funding sources.

  7. Decorate My Bedroom

    I really want to paint my room as well so hopefully I can also get that done this Summer.

  8. Go to Gem Rock
    We love Gem Rock. It is a beautiful little museum full of crystals and mineral rocks and I feel so energised when I go there so we are making a trip down there to recharge!
  9. Fit in a Ghost Hunt

    It’s been so long since I went on an official ghost hunt! However, we are squeezing one in this Saturday at Sailor’s Rest in Kirkcauldy so I am really looking forward to that!

  10. Go To Millport
    We used to go on holiday to Millport all the time, but my husband has never been and I am determined to take him there!

The Tuesday 10 : Goals For July

tttenbuttonWow! I think I say this every single month, but seriously.. where is 2015 going. Life has been a little bit chaotic in the Tyger’s Den lately. I’m not coping at all well with much of anything right now. As always, as we near a month changeover the Tuesday 10 topic calls for setting some goals for the month ahead. I had a look back at my goals for June and I actually only managed to achieve one of them – in fact, I only achieved half of it! I wanted to create a work schedule which I did, but not once did I follow it! I want to try and make the most of Summer this year so I have to do something! Many of this month’s tasks are just being carried forward from last month becasue they still need to be achieved.


  1. Decorate My Bedroom
    I’ve been setting myself the goal of decorating my bedroom for several months now, and I have had the paint for around a year! Our house gets really bad damp on the outside wall and I want to treat the wall and window with damp-proofing paint and then paint it. This is getting done this month for sure! I’m sure our bedroom will be healthier and easier to sleep in once it is all taken care of properly!
  2. Decorate My Bathroom, Kitchen & Hall
    Again we have the paint, so I am planning on getting it done this month. I would really love to get the bathroom (done), Kitchen and hall done too, but if I can get even two rooms done then that will be enough for the month!
  3. Create a Household Chores Routine
    We are pretty bad about household chores here! With my work/life balance being all out of whack and my husband out working full time and being tired when he gets home the last thing we want to do is housework. However, if we get into a routine where we all do our bit then it is not going to be such a chore. I’m going to create a chores schedule for the house and family so that we are all doing our part.
  4. Create a Personal Schedule
    I have the worst time management in the world! I really need to start developing a personal schedule that I can stick to. I need to plan out stuff like going to the gym, working hours, mummy duties and everything else I have to do. I figure getting something in my planner that I can follow will be useful.  Last month I managed to create the schedule as planned, but I did not manage to actually follow it. My plan is to be following it by the end of the month. I will start by easing myself into it. I will need to make some adjustments with it being summer, but I will do my best.
  5. Lose 10lbs 7lbs
    I am going to be first to admit that May & June was a bit of a bust for me in terms of weight loss. I had my birthday, my anniversary, my son’s anniversary and a weekend away all in quick succession and I have had a couple of gains in there meaning I only lost a couple of pounds over the whole month. I am setting myself a challenge to lose a minimum of 10lbs this month. Really, I want to lost 14lbs, but I do not want to overwhelm myself with it so we will shoot for 7lbs across the 5 weigh ins that fall in July!
  6. Get More Sleep
    I have been so exhausted these past few weeks! I am not getting my work finished until well into the early hours and then when I do get to bed I am so stressed that I am not sleeping. I want to really work on that! My plan is that with my work schedule and my personal schedule will help me to get to bed at a reasonable time each night!
  7. Plan More Family Time
    Again, because of work/life balance I feel like we don’t get all that much time to spend together as a family. Once I get my time organized a little bit better I feel like it will be easier to schedule time to do some things together. We just joined up to Historic Scotland, so I feel like I want to start making an effort to go out to a couple of places using those once or twice a month. We managed a trip to Stirling two weekends back so in July I want to visit The Gem Rock Museum and Doune Castle and maybe the Kelpies.
  8. Organize Work Better
    A big part of my personal schedule is obviously going to be figuring out my work schedule. I really need to start restricting my time spent working and focusing on work when I should be. There is no reason why I can’t get my work finished at a reasonable time if I am being perfectly honest! I need to start really planning my work time and sticking to my schedule. This will make my life easier and allow me to earn a little more money! My first step is going to be getting my work space set up so that I can actually do what I need to do in a designated area! My office corner is currently housing my laundry that is waiting to be folded!  I did get the desk sorted last month, so now I just need to use it!
  1. Get My Blogs In Order
    I really need to start making a real go of my blogs. I am not looking for them to be this huge money maker for me, but it is something that I enjoy and I do want to try and build them up a little bit! I think that again getting my schedule worked out is going to help me to achieve this. I just transferred all of my blogs onto the one host, so once the transfer goes through I am going to be working at sorting that out!
  2. Tidy My Computer
    The files on my computer are such a huge mess! I am in need of going through them all and getting them archived! I must do it this month! It is essential!

I’m setting myself a challenge to be more organised this month so let’s see if I can get those goals accomplished this time!

Creative K Kids

The Tuesday 10 : Things That I am Thankful For

tttenbuttonThis week the topic is ‘things that I am thankful for’ which I think is a really great one. Too often we take for granted what we have and I think that it is good to stop from a moment every now and then in order to appreciate all of the good things that we have in our lives.


These are my top ten things that I am thankful for right now.

  1. My Husband
  2. My Son
  3. Books
  4. My Dog
  5. My Family
  6. My Home
  7. My Friends
  8. I am reasonably healthy
  9. Being able to work and earn money
  10. Living in a relatively safe part of the world

What are you thankful for?