Unboxing & Review : October 2016 Ugly Box Box

Yesterday I got a lovely surprise when the October 2016 Ugly Bug Box dropped through my letter box! It usually doesn’t ship until the 27th of the month, so I was really excited that it arrived so early! I love the Ugly Bug Box, it is probably my favourite out of all the subscriptions that I have tried. It helps that Michelle and I share similar tastes, but I also love that it is always full of really useful items. In some other boxes you get adorable little pieces, but when it comes down to it they end up sitting in a box somewhere because as pretty as they are, they are just not functional! I have never had that problem with the Ugly Bug Box. Everything is carefully selected to be as useful as possible and of course to fit the theme. If you would like to subscribe to the box, check out Ugly Bug Does on Etsy and don’t forget that you can use my PR code ALYSOND10 for a 10% discount on all purchases. In the interest of transparency – I did NOT receive this box for free, I did buy it and my opinions on it are my own. Now, with that out of the way – let’s take a look at the box!

20160927_131843As you can see there is lots of Autumn and Halloween goodness packed into here. This month there are a total of 5 items – a 4 sheet sticker set, a roll of washi tape, a pen, a planner decal clip and a planner charm/keychain. The theme is more or less Autumn with just a few Halloween touches, so even if you didn’t celebrate Halloween, this would still be an awesome box for you.

Let’s start by taking a look at the sticker kit. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I think Ugly Bug kits are incredible value for money because of the amount of stickers that they include and the pack in this month’s box is no different. It includes a total of four sheets : Headers/Half Boxes, Habit Trackers/Pins/Bills/Check Boxes, Flags, Checklists, Icons and Half Boxes and then a cute Halloween Countdown set. The kit itself is not Halloween themed, so if you are not a fan of Halloween, then you could just use the main part of the kit and pass the countdown on to someone else!


This planner charm is actually the prettiest one I have ever had. It is so beautiful. It looks like it would weigh a lot, but it is really light! It has a selection of acrylic autumn leaves in greens and browns with just a hint of glitter. Then it is accented with beads and 3 different charms. I know that each of the charms were different, but mine featured a witch, a jack-o-lantern and a spider. I love it! I think it will be a permanent feature on one of my planners!


I have quite a few of these crystal filled pens in a variety of colours – I actually stock them in my own shop. However, this is a colour I have not seen before. It is a dull gold colour with bronze/orange crystals inside. It’s perfect for Autumn!


I won’t go too much into this little guy since I actually made these for the boxes! Basically he is a planner decal clip designed to sit inside your pockets of your planner as decor. It is die cut felt on a brass clip.



Last, but not least there is a roll of Autumn/Woodland washi tape. I really like that it is white with the watercolour designs on it. Most of the Autumn washi I see is dark with an orange or a brown background so this is a really nice change.

Once again, the whole box is very functional and there is not anything that I won’t use. I am super pleased with everything that is in it and I am already excited for next month’s box to come out!

If you want a closer look, then check out my unboxing video below!