Mail Call Mondays : Spring Holidays


Spring Mail Call

It was Spring holidays the past two weeks and Chris has just gone back to school today. We spent a lot of time out and about and that meant my mail really managed to build up! That means I have got plenty of gorgeous things to show you!

Monogram Notecards



One of the challenges this month in the MIAMI group is to make a set of Monogram Notecards. I was partnered with Vikki and she sent these stunning black and gold dragonfly themed cards. Aren’t they beautiful?




Susie has been trying to raise money for the Scottish Planner Meet to buy raffle prizes so she decided to sell some of the cute clips that she had been making. I bought these little cuties to keep for Fall.

Planner Love20160410_121011

I love my Happy Planner and the new designs for 2016/2017 are stunning, I decided that I would see if anyone in Parcel Pals could hook me up and the fabulous Melissa managed to pick up this one and that golddust Washi tape everyone is searching for!



Wow! So I just spent £7 on a tin of 20 stickers! I had to have them though! They are from Department Store for The Mind and are the simple reminders. The sayings are so cute – you can pick them up here.


Brimbles Sticker Club


This was the launch month of the MrsBrimbles Sticker Club and I was really pleased with what came in the package. I did a quick unboxing video too.

Planner Stencils & Washi



I placed my very first order from Love Cynthia a few weeks ago for this cute planner stencil and some planner washi which works great for headers. It says stuff like ‘goals’ and ‘to do’. I can’t wait to try it.

Brimbles Box

Letter From Leela

I can’t believe that it is almost time for Leela to go back to the USA! She has just 6 days left! She picked up these awesome postcards and was kind enough to mail half of them to me before she goes home. This is the comic I used to read as a child.

Letter From Jennifer

It’s always lovely to get a letter from a friend. This week I got a lovely letter from Jennifer in Louisiana.

Wish Come True!

I bought a bunch of stuff on Wish and it has started to arrive now. The most anticipated item was of course my corner rounding punch. I have wanted one forever and this one was only £2 on wish. I also picked up a couple of really cute moon pendants.

Planner Bag

I am in the middle of setting up my planner bag. I decided on a diaper bag because of all the compartments. I got this cute on eBay and I am just waiting on couple of inserts for it.

Clip & Charm Supplies

I am making planner clips and charms for the Scotland’s Planner Girls’ Meet Up goodie bags. So the supplies arrived this week.


Mail Call Mondays : Easter, St Patricks & A Box Full of Sunshine!



One of the items that I received in the mail this week was a sock bunny! This little lady was one of the swaps in the MIAMI group and she came from Emma! I had a blast making my own sock bunny to send to her, so much so that I actually ended up making 6 bunnies and handing them out at easter to family!

12920272_10207792585705894_2125126921299230460_nAnother MIAMI swap was the St Patricks Day Flip Book. I was partnered up with Zoey and she sent me this lovely book. Unfortunately the post offfice damaged it, but I was able to repair it with some washi without too much hassle!

Last, but by no means least – I received this box from another swap group. The theme was to send a sunshine box where everything was yellow. Isn’t this lovely and bright? I got this from Carrie and she sent me easter chicks, a smiley face timer, wax melts, yellow ribbon and a packet of chocolate bars!


Mail Call Monday : What’s In My Mail Bag For March?



It’s been a while since I shared my mail bag with you, but I want to start doing it again regularly, so here is a round up of all of the cute things that came in the mail recently! Since it is almost the end of the month, this one is just going to be a March mail haul! Hopefully I can get back to weekly mail bag shares next week!

Travel ATC


One of the swaps in the MIAMI group this month was for 4 travel themed ATC. I actually thought that it would be a much easier theme than it was, but when I actually sat down to make mine I drew a blank! However, Louise obviously did not have a similar problem because the ATC she sent me based on places that she has travelled too were beautiful!

Easter Flip Book




Another one of the swaps that I signed up for in the MIAMI group was for an Easter themed flip book. I had never made a flip book before but it was a lot of fun. I totally forgot to photograph all of my makes this month so hopefully my partners will. I received this really cute flip book from the lovely Christine.

Easter Pocket Letter


Continuing the Easter theme, I received an adorable Easter pocket letter from the lovely Mo from the Miami group. It has lots of sweet little bunnies and I love it! She also wrapped it up beautifully!

Doctor Who Pocket Letter

Louise was my partner for the ATC swap, but we had also agreed to do a private swap as well for a Doctor Who themed pocket letter. She hand painted the design and I think that it is amazing!

Letters From Germany

I started to write to Mona from Germany y recently and as well as a letter she was also kind enough to send me the most adorable Easter card along with a bar of yummy chocolate and a teeny tiny ghost stamp for my planner!


Letter From Ireland

A Package From Julie


A Package From Wendy


Scrap Cards



One of my favourite challenges this month was to make cards from our scraps and I received this beautiful set of cards from Debby.


Mail Call Mondays : Stickers and Hearts

It’s been pretty quiet on the mail front in recent weeks. I am only now getting back into the swing of my snail mail and swapping. However, there were a couple of cute swaps that came through the letterbox this past week!

Pipsticks Subscription

I was happy to receive my Pipsticks subscription in the mail as well, which I am also sharing with you in a more detailed unboxing post. This is my second delivery and I am not to sure if I want to keep up the subscription. I may just go back to the BrimblesBox. This was the first month I did not buy one and I feel like I really missed out! decisions, decisions!

A Hanging Heart

Love is most certainly in the air and one of the cutest things that I received in the mail the week was my gorgeous Valentine’s Day ornament from Maxine from the MIAMI group on Facebook. The challenge was to send your partner a hand crafted hanging heart ornament and Maxine had hers in the post before I had even finished making my pattern! Maxine created a stunning red cotton heart trimmed with red and gold ribbons, a satin flower and some cute floral butterfly appliqués – isn’t it lovely?

Fabric Appliqués

Another item that I got in the mail was these cute lace appliqués and patches that I bought from ebay. They are destined to be used on Maxine’s heart and another little project that I have.

Mail Call Mondays : The Mail Bag Motherlode!

Wowzers, do I have a mail box motherlode for you this week. I certainly kept my postman busy! Just check out all of the fabulous happy mail that arrived in my inbox this past week.

Monday Madness

I feel like I could do a Mail Call post on Monday’s mail alone! I recieved 2 large boxes, 2 packets and 3 envelopes (plus bills, but ain’t nobody got time for that!).

First up, the lovely Leela sent me a hostess gift for hosting the Spooky Swap! Isn’t she amazing. I adore the notecard and the stickers are just perfect! If you are reading, then I love you Leela!


I also got a lovely letter from a new penpal on this cute Kitty notecard. I am really looking forward to getting to know Rhonda better.


I also got cute Washi from Nothing but Washi – I told you, I have a serious problem with that group!


Some cute chipboard letters I bought from a destash group for like a buck!

The most adorable Planner stickers from Ellen Bee on Etsy.


And then there was the boxes! The first box was my ‘First Aid Kit’ from House Organa’s swap over at International Geek Girl Pen Pals. My fellow iggle sent me a gorgeous Mason Jar mug filled with gummi bears and bandaids and INKJOY pens (my precious). I also got a Lisa Frank colouring book, crayons, notepaper, Fudge Graham Crackers and Stickers. Everything you need in an emergency!


Last, but certainly by no means least was a jam packed with goodies. I have no idea how it all fitted inside the box, but just some of the awesomeness inside included maple butter, warheads, chessmen, kool aid, milky way, lindor, stickers, care bears, doctor who figurines, jack skellington and olaf keychains and lip balm.



The Rest of The Week

A few weeks ago I ordered Rainbow Washi from Wish. It’s something I have been looking at for a long time and for some reason have newver gotten. It arrived this week.


I participated in a Halloween tag swap this month and this was the gorgeous tag that my partner sent me!


Another swap that I took part in was a homemade postcard. I got this lovely card from my partner.


Last of all, I got a lovely pocket letter from my friend Lisa in Belgium.



Mail Call Mondays : A Whole Stash of Goodies

It’s time for another Mail Call and my bag has been super full this week!

Shopping Spree

Another little delivery from Nothing But Washi! I swear that co-op group is dangerous. I hereby pledge that I am not getting into any other buys apart from the Simple Stories one! I got two packets – My website order was a couple of Darice sticket books, a few rolls of Washi and then my packet from the Coletto buy which was a pink barrell and 4 different 0.4 inks! I love it!

20150904_223840 20150904_224245 20150904_223917
Planner Clips

How adoreable are these planner clips? I nabbed these on Etsy from CraftyDen.


Penguin Pal

This was a letter from my pen pal Julie in Connecticut. She sent some cute stickers and Proect Life cards. I use them for journalling, but I am thinking I might want to start actually doing Project Life – maybe in 2016. We’ll see!


Pennies From a Pal

Debbie from Kentucky sent me some squashed pennies – one with a Basketball theme along with some Basketball Project life cards and other cool bits. We are going to be regualr penpals.


Destash Treasures

You know how they say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure? Well I took part in a destash event where you sent your partner 10 things you didn’t want anymore and also sent 10 to a random in secret. I posted what I got from my secret swapper last week and this week I can share what my actuall partner Tonya sent me.


Spooky Goodness From Missy

Missy sent me some really cool stuff for the spooky swap I hosted recently. It was a gorgeous collection of Halloween loveliness along with a spooky story as per the swap. She lives in the area that The Mothman legend originates from. Very cool!


Brimble Boxes

It was also Brimble Box week so I got the September ‘Vintage’ Stationery box and the September Happy Mail box. I unfortunately forgot to take photos of them before I unpacked them and put them all away.

Mail Call Mondays : Mystery & Wonder


I feel like I haven’t done a mail call post in a couple of weeks (I am too lazy to check how long it has actually been). The truth is I wasn’t getting much in the mail AT ALL and I was beginning to think that my post office was conspiring against me! Then we hit the motherlode!

A ‘Wonder’ful Letter From Leela


The first thing I have in the Mail Bag today is a lovely Wonder Woman card from Leela with a letter inside. She remembered I love superheroes and sent me this! I am hoping to meet Leela next year when she comes to the UK so it is great getting letters from her.

Goodies From Nikki


I’ve talked about Nikki before. She is a Scottish girl living in Canada and her letters are always interactive! This time there were lots of little envelopes filled with goodies including CHOCOLATE and ephemera.. and A. BATMAN. POSTAGE. STAMP!!!

A Mystery RAK


Often I don’t get many raks apart from those from firends becasue lots of ladies are in the USA and postage to here is so expensive. One of the groups I am in is runnign an event where you destash 10 items and send to your partnet plus send 10 more to another member in secret. I never expected to be chosen and I certainly didn’t expect this massive box of goodies! I think I may have figured out who sent it so I will be dropping a card in the mail!

Dawning of A New Friendship


I met Dawn on Facebook and she is another Scot living in Canada! We just started writing and are about to trade a parcel.She is my first pen pal outside of the crafting community.

Pocket Letter From Mexico


When Yanine approached me and said she would like to send me something I did not expect it to be a beautiful pocket letter! Isn’t it gorgeous!

A Spooky Swap


I’m running a spooky swap event and have 3 partners. I got my first gift in the mail, from Marci!





IMG_20150826_100822Okay, this wasn’t a gift. I bought these, but I love to share a couple of hauls when I do the mail bag! This week it is a tone of Washi, Washi Sheets and Stickers from the Washi Co-op I am in!

Mail Call Monday : Sad Mail Box!


Not much to report from last week’s mail box actually! I am feeling pretty sure that my post man is conspiring against me! We literally only had mail twice last week and it was both on days I wasn’t home! I think he is hoarding my pretties – he looks shifty!


My first item came from a trade and sell group and it was a couple of smash pads. These are really hard to get here at the moment unless you want to pay five bucks a piece (which I don’t), and the lady was selling them for £2 so I snatched those up!


A Card From Leela

My other piece of mail was a cute card from Leela! She is totally amazing and sent me a card to tell me she was writing to me soon! She wanted to thank me for a parcel I sent her full of tourist stuff and didn’t have time to write, so I got a card as a temporary measure until she can write back! She made me laugh because something I do all the time is seal up my envelopes and then flip it over to address it only to do so upside down! Leela did the same thing and totally called herself on it! Leela and her husband are going to be coming to live in the UK next year as part of her husband’s job and she will be taking a holiday in Scotland. I cannot wait to meet her in the flesh and squeeze her tight!



Mail Call Monday : A Busy Mail Week

The got off to a great start! I wasn’t expecting any mail as it is a local holiday, but lo and behold the postman arrived with lots of goodies! It continued much the same throughout the next 2 weeks and I have lots to share!

Glitter Love


As we all know, I like to say that I have glitter in my veins, so when I saw these on Mrs Brimbles and they were on sale I had to get one two! I also saw the cutest sticky notes. They arrived today and she packaged everything so beautifully!

More ATC

Another of my ATC swaps arrived today and these were from Rachel in USA. She couldn’t decide which and so she sent me two! Aren’t these adorable!

A Letter From Crystal

Crystal is a newer pal of mine who I have mentioned before. I got a wonderful letter from her alond with lots of cute stickers and goodies as well. It was lots of fun.


A Stationery Parcel Swap

Stacey from Parcel Pals sent me a wonderful package of stationery


Spooky Goodness From Leela

Leela knows that I love spooky stuff! She sent me this adorable packet of ghost washi, die cuts stamps and also the ATC from our swap!



Letter From Zoe

I just started to write with Zoe from Cambridge, it is nice to have a local UK friend to write with becasue the mail is so quick!


Winnie Mail

Winnie always sends such thoughtful mail! She knew I love spooks and so she sent me haunted house washi and also a bunch of marvel goodies!


Pocket Letter Swaps

I have been waiting on some swaps from Pocket Letter Pals and two of them arrived this week. One from pocket full of colour and one from Edward Gorey. THey are so different in style, but I love both!

20150731_101243 20150731_101234


A Long Awaited Parcel From Angela

We were totally beginning to think that this got lost in the mail.. it seemed to take FOREVER! It arrived and was well worth waiting for. It was a parcel pals swap.


Postcards From Traverse


Mail Call Monday : ATCs and Letters


Washi & Deco Roller Haul

First up I got a delivery from the Washi co-op I am part of. It was from a TapeWorks & PlusCorp buy, but unfortunately a lot of the TapeWorks was out of stock this time around! However I still got some cool tapes and a couple of deco rollers.

Gifts From Ronnie

Ronnie is an absolute sweetheart and I love her to pieces! She always sends such thoughtful little gifts. This time I got a pressed penny from x  and she sent my son a woven patch for his blanket! She also sent the most adorable frames with spaghetti on them!!


A Letter From Jennifer

Jennifer sent me a gorgeous letter all the way from Vicksburg, MO. Isn’t the paper beautiful?


Stickers From Nereyda

Neryida sent me some really gorgeous stickers in exchange for a postcard, they are all really cute!


ATC Swaps

I hosted an ATC swap on Smach*aholics RAKs, Swaps & Pen Pals and I have already received two teally cute ones from the six that I am waiting on. One from Kaye in the UK and another from Michele in the USA.