Magic Santa Keys [Craft Tutorial]

keyI do a lot of charity work with South Lanarkshire NAS, a local charity that supports people with Autism and we were looking at ideas for some Christmas fundraisers. Years ago I purchased a ‘magic key’ for Santa to get into our house because my son panicked when we moved into a flat where there was no chimney! It was a pretty basic plastic thing. However, I always fantasize about being this wonderful crafty person who makes awesome things from junk and old bits and pieces so I decided I was making my own version of a magic key which would be a nice little ornament for trees etc. I ended up making 50 of these and they were really easy, so I decided to share my method with you!

Materials Required

  • Old Keys (Mine are actually charms I got on ebay)
  • Red Ink Pad
  • Twine
  • Christmas Grosgrain Ribbon
  • Small Parcel Tags
  • Santa’s Magic Key stamp (Stamping All Day)

Putting It Together

I started out by laying out my parcel tags and stamping them with the magic key text. If you can’t get a stamp locally then you could write them out our print them instead, especially if you are only doing a handful of keys for your own use.


Next, I cut my ribbon into small pieces each with “merry Christmas” on them. I punched a hole in one end and threaded a length of twine through each of the tags before adding a piece of the ribbon.

key03Finally, I added the keys and secured the ends of the twine in a loop so it can be hung on a tree or anywhere else that takes your fancy! That is really all there is to it! It’s a really easy thing to make. I admit my fingers were sore from tying all the rough twine, but I love the overall grungy and country look!