A Planner Girl’s Valentine’s Bucket List #PlannerGirlsCollective

PGC_13FebI’m going to be honest. I’m not really the romantic sort! My husband is always getting made fun of by his friends because my valentine’s day gifts are usually something along the lines of a DVD of my favourite horror movie, a video game or money towards a paranormal investigation! I’m not a hearts and flowers girl – although I will never turn up my nose at chocolate (as evident by the amount of junk in my trunk! #FatGirls). All of this contributes to the fact that Valentine is not really a huge deal for me! It is almost always the week before pay day, so we never have much money left to go out or anything like that meaning our Valentine’s day is likely to consist of curling up on the couch with a movie – probably My Bloody Valentine, because I do love a theme – and if we are lucky a takeaway for dinner! That suits me just fine, because I don’t really see why we need to wait until February 14th to show that we love each other – I love him every day!

There is just one problem with feeling this way! As a planner girl, how does one decorate for Valentine’s Day week if one is not a fan of hearts, flowers and an abundance of pink? In terms of planner decor, my Valentine’s Day bucket list consists of something that is not too girly, bold colours and not overly lovey-dovey. Where does one find a kit like that? The answer is actually pretty simple – you turn to one of your favourite Planner Girls, because you know that she will have something that isn’t too girly! I am of course talking about our lovely Michelle @ Ugly Bug Plans! This week I am using her kit ‘Geek Love’, which is actually pretty special to me because she actually created the stickers using graphics from a scrapbooking kit I made back in the day when that was kinda my thing!

Since this kit pretty much fulfils my Valentine’s Day bucket list, I decided to give you all a closer look at it and I would love to know what you think!

20170212_232856 20170212_232958 20170212_233043 20170212_233138 20170212_233213 20170212_233223


I used the kit to decorate my classic Happy Planner this week, so here is a little extra peek of the kit in action.

20170213_101134 20170213_101142 20170213_101146 20170213_101153

Now, if you have made it this far then I have a little bit of a treat for you! Not only do I have a little discount code for UglyBugPlans which will get you 10% off of your order if you want to buy Geek Love for yourself, but I also have a matching free printable for you in the form of some journal cards! The discount code is Alyson10 and you can download your journal cards by clicking below.


What’s on your Valentine’s Day bucket list? Stop by and visit the rest of the planner girl’s collective to see what they are wishing for this week!

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