A Planner Girl’s Spring Bucket List #PlannerGirlsCollective



Wow! Isn’t this year just flying by? I cannot believe that it is spring already! At least someone finally let Mother Nature in on that particular secret! The morning of the Spring Equinox we actually woke up to a substantial amount of snow! However, we are now on our 3rd day of sunshine and I have laundry hanging out on the line for the very first time this year! A true mark of springtime, although here in Scotland where we can literally have 4 seasons in one day – seriously on Saturday I wore a t-shirt all day, then later that evening had to scrape an inch if ice off of my car windscreen – laundry on the line also means having to perfect the national sport – the 200m laundry dash because a clear blue sky does not indicate that it will not rain at a moments notice!

Image by africa at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image by africa at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Anyway, on to the matter at hand! This week our topic is Spring Bucket Lists! My take on this is probably a little bit different from some of the other girls who will likely be showing you creative journals and the like, but for me, my Spring bucket list consists of some Spring Cleaning of my planner and supplies! So here goes – this Spring I would like to achieve the following :-

  1. Find Sticker Storage Peace – I have a flimsy A5 Folder but it is over stuffed. I think I need to move them into 2 cheap A5 Planners that I have. I am thinking one for kits and then one for functional stickers. It also means I get to make dividers!
  2. Get an A6 Uglydori – I am finding that my personal filofax is no longer working for me as a handbag planner. I still love Mistah J because he is beautiful, but I think I have decided that I really want an A6 Ugly which can double as a portable planner, purse and bill tracker! Now I just need to save the pennies and decide on theme.
  3. Properly Organize My Planner Supplies – I started to organise my planner supplies, but i still have some kicking around so I need to get ontop of my Planner stash and finish sorting that out!
  4. Destash My Craft Supplies & Be Ruthless – I did already destash my craft supplies, but I really think that I need to be ruthless this time around. I am going to get rid of anything that I have never used! I need to get serious about it! I have limited time and at the moment I am really focusing on my Stampin’ Up! business, so I am using mostly those supplies! I will likely just give them away to someone!
  5. Catch Up On My Memory Planner Mini – I have the Bright City Lights Mini Happy Planner which I intend to use for memory planning and journaling. However, I have not even started it! I need to force myself to make time for me!
  6. Find a Blogging & YouTube Planner System That Works For Me – My Poor blog planner is unloved! I think I need to find a system that works for me, because all of those I have tried seem not to! I think I may just combine my Scarlet Moon Crafts planner and my blogging planner together in my A5 Paperchase planner!

I think that’s about it for my list, I am going to set myself the Goal of May 1st to achieve these goals, so I will likely come back and do some kind of accountability post to see if I managed it all!

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My Planner Wishlist #PlannerGirlsCollective


One thing that I really did not understand when I first got into Planning was how much money it was going to cost me! Wow! I could probably afford the deposit on a house if I had saved up all of the money that I have spent on planner goodies! I have all sorts of planners, accessories, stickers, pens and so on. However, it is never enough and the wish list continues to grow. However, there are always some things that just seem to stay at the top of the list! So, this is my planner girl wishlist!

1 – A Silhouette

My number one thing on my list to buy, which I can never afford is a silhouette. When I first opened Scarlet Moon Crafts I had intended not to touch any of the money it earned before I had enough to buy a silhouette which would allow me to add in all of the other ideas that I have for the shop! However, life gets in the way I there is still no silhouette in my life!

2 – A Monthly Erin Condren

I have to be honest – I didn’t even know that I wanted an Erin Condren until this weekend at Pamper, Plan & Create when I saw Leanne’s (The Geeky Planner) monthly one. Now I can visualise exactly how it would work for me as a work planner! I tend to have a to do list for the week at work that I want to try and complete by the end of the week, rather than daily ones! I am now very tempted to order a monthly while there is a 50% off sale! The one thing holding me back is the $20 shipping which is more than the planner!


3 – An A6 Ugly Dori

I am in love with the Ugly Dori travellers notebooks! If I am being totally honest with myself, I want all of the sizes! However, next on my list is certainly an A6 size. I have decided that once I buy it I will set it up as my purse since it has spots for cards etc. I will then add just a little monthly insert, a notebook and some finance trackers. Don’t forget that if you would like to order yourself an Ugly Dori, and I highly recommend that you do, you can use the code Alyson10 to get 10% off of your order at Ugly Bug Plans.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting, standing and indoor

4 – Papermate Ink Joy Gel Pens

I adore my Ink Joys, but I keep hearing wonderful things about the gel version which are not available in the UK. I could order them on Amazon, but the cost is so high considering the US which is putting me off. However, one of these days I will just have to go ahead and buy them because I do need them in my life!

Image result for ink joy gel

5 – Rainbow Foil Happy Planner

12 Month Box Kit - Rainbow Foil - BIG / HORIZONTAL

If have wanted this Rainbow Foil Kit since it first came out last year, but I haven’t been able to justify it to myself! I am hoping it might come down a little in price since there are some new kits out now, but it is already on sale at Craftelier so maybe I can be tempted!

6  – Doki Book

I am looking for a cover for my mini Happy Planner, but I am not a huge fan of the colours offered. I did see this gorgeous constellation Doki DiscAgendda Cover that will fit though, so I am after that!

Image by DokiBook.com

7 – ‘Stay Positive’ Mini Planner

I really like the new Mini size of the Happy Planner (I currently have 3) but I would love to get the undated one from the new line which is ‘Stay Positive‘ – It also has a matching Classic!

12 Months – UNDATED - MINI Happy Planner® - Stay Positive

8 – Hobonochi Techo

After fondling Michelle’s A6 Ugly Dori complete with Hobo Techo insert I feel I need one!

Photo by Michelle Mills | Ugly Bug Plans

9 – Scene Kits by The Geeky Planner

No automatic alt text available.

Photo by Leanne Snowball | The Geeky Planner

I am currently lusting after the Harry Potter scene Kit from The Geeky Planner. It’s not listed in her store yet, but as soon as it is I am going to be all over it! I can’t find a picture right now, but trust me it is adorable! Another scene kit from The Geeky Planner that is on my wish list is this fantastic Space scene pictured above! Next pay day she will be mine!

10 – Marauders Map Stickers by Pemberley Prints

I just discovered a sticker shop I had not heard of before, Pemberley Prints and she has some kits I really want in my life including a Halloween one, the Lord of the Rings one and of course this Marauders Map one!

Photo by Pemberley Prints

What’s on your planner girl wish list?

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A Planner Girl’s Valentine’s Bucket List #PlannerGirlsCollective

PGC_13FebI’m going to be honest. I’m not really the romantic sort! My husband is always getting made fun of by his friends because my valentine’s day gifts are usually something along the lines of a DVD of my favourite horror movie, a video game or money towards a paranormal investigation! I’m not a hearts and flowers girl – although I will never turn up my nose at chocolate (as evident by the amount of junk in my trunk! #FatGirls). All of this contributes to the fact that Valentine is not really a huge deal for me! It is almost always the week before pay day, so we never have much money left to go out or anything like that meaning our Valentine’s day is likely to consist of curling up on the couch with a movie – probably My Bloody Valentine, because I do love a theme – and if we are lucky a takeaway for dinner! That suits me just fine, because I don’t really see why we need to wait until February 14th to show that we love each other – I love him every day!

There is just one problem with feeling this way! As a planner girl, how does one decorate for Valentine’s Day week if one is not a fan of hearts, flowers and an abundance of pink? In terms of planner decor, my Valentine’s Day bucket list consists of something that is not too girly, bold colours and not overly lovey-dovey. Where does one find a kit like that? The answer is actually pretty simple – you turn to one of your favourite Planner Girls, because you know that she will have something that isn’t too girly! I am of course talking about our lovely Michelle @ Ugly Bug Plans! This week I am using her kit ‘Geek Love’, which is actually pretty special to me because she actually created the stickers using graphics from a scrapbooking kit I made back in the day when that was kinda my thing!

Since this kit pretty much fulfils my Valentine’s Day bucket list, I decided to give you all a closer look at it and I would love to know what you think!

20170212_232856 20170212_232958 20170212_233043 20170212_233138 20170212_233213 20170212_233223


I used the kit to decorate my classic Happy Planner this week, so here is a little extra peek of the kit in action.

20170213_101134 20170213_101142 20170213_101146 20170213_101153

Now, if you have made it this far then I have a little bit of a treat for you! Not only do I have a little discount code for UglyBugPlans which will get you 10% off of your order if you want to buy Geek Love for yourself, but I also have a matching free printable for you in the form of some journal cards! The discount code is Alyson10 and you can download your journal cards by clicking below.


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Meet Team Ugly Bug 2017!

15871443_10154875170687392_8806069389560558239_nI am so excited to announce that I have been chosen to be part of the 2017 PR Team for Ugly Bug Plans alongside some wonderful Planner Girls! I’ll have my own dedicated discount code for you to use shortly, but in the mean time,you can use RainyDay20 on orders over £10 to get 20% off – there has never been a better time to buy yourself an UglyDori, or some of the wonderful new stickers that Michelle has in store! There is also an extra little ray of sunshine, because if you mention in the comments section on Etsy that Alyson sent you then you are also going to receive an additional free gift! How awesome is that?

Now, before you run off and go shopping, meet my fellow PR Girls for UglyBugPlans





My Latest Stationery Purchases – #PlannerGirlsCollective


This week, my fellow planner girls and I are talking about our latest stationery purchases! Now, me personally, I have been trying so hard not to add to my ever increasing stash until I use some of it up, and I have been trying to stick to a no spend in order to save up for 2 fantastic events that are coming up – Pamper & Plan and Scot-Con 2017.  However, I am a stationery addict and there was really no way that I was not going to be able to avoid all of the stationery! So, without further ado, here are some of my most recent purchases.

Dear Lizzy Journal

I first saw this Dear Lizzy Journal when the lovely Michelle (UglyBugPlans) did a quick flip through when she picked it up in the sale. I fell in love with it and she was kind enough to go back to Hobbycraft and pick me one up as well, even although she was nearly lynched by a crazy lady for buying up all the journals (but that’s another story)! I love it because it has a prompt for each week and I definitely need a bit of direction, but it still has room for creativity too!

Mini Happy Planners

So, we all know that I am a Happy Planner girl, right? I already have a mini, a classic and a big one. However, I hadn’t started my mini yet because I was in two minds about what to use it for – a work planner or a journal? I did not want to choose wrong, so the only thing to do was to buy another one, right? So I picked up the 2017 ‘Big City Brights’ version to serve as a journal. I also ‘accidentally’ purchased a mini fitness planner too!

Pretty Paperclips

It is no secret that I am a sucker for a shaped paperclip! However, I actually do have an excuse for these little heart shaped clips! I bought these to use as props when I photograph my Valentine’s stock for Scarlet Moon Crafts. I buy my paperclips from The Lovely Desk on Etsy.

Paper Pads

The last thing that I need in my life right now is more paper, but I have been after the Dear Lizzy ‘Documentary’ pad for a very long time. I am talking at least 6 months or more! It has been pretty hard to get here in the UK and call me cheap, but I do not relish the thought of paying £10-15 for a 6×6 pad! However, I recently spotted it on Craftelier for just £3 in their January sale so obviously I had to give in and buy myself one! I have to be honest, I mainly want this pad for the days of the week paper, but the rest are very cute too!

While I was there, I also spotted a really cute Valentine’s themed paper pad and again, even although I really do not need any more paper I was unable to resist the lure of such a bargain! This one is the American Crafts XOXO pad and it was also  £3.

So, those are my latest little stationery purchases. I think that I have done fairly well in restricting myself on my purchases! I’d love to hear what your latest purchases and favourites have been!

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My Favourite Planner & Journal Shops – #PlannerGirlsCollective

PGC_23JanIf there is one thing that every planner girl loves to do, then obviously it is shop! That is part of the reason I am currently trying to destash my craft and planner and stationery closet.. it has began to grow out of the closet and into the entire house! However, that certainly doesn’t stop me from wanting to buy more! Since I love to share I am going to enable you all with links to my favourite shops for planner, journal and stationery supplies!

However, before we get into that… let me just do a shameless plug and show you this handy little product that I have for sale over at Scarlet Moon Crafts! An online orders tracker! You can buy a whole pad or you can just purchase a few sheets to put into your A5 planner. Just click on the image to go direct to the listing!

My Favourite Planner & Journal Shops

So, now we can get on to the real purpose of the post! These are the shops that I shop with most often and they are my go to places that I look first when I need something. If I can buy it from one of these guys then I will! I much prefer to shop in the UK for both speed and to avoid VAT charges on delivery!

  1. Ugly Bug Plans
    Ugly Bug Plans is of course the home of the beautiful UglyDori travellers notebook! I will be introducing my own Uglydory in a post and video very soon so keep your eyes peeled! Aside from the UglyDori, Michelle also sells my favourite sub box and a range of amazing stickers and accessories too! She is also an all around awesome planner babe!
  2. Handcrafted by Sheree
    Handcrafted by Sheree is a fellow Scottish planner girl, so I love being able to support her shop. However, even if she wasn’t I would still buy from her. I would say I buy around half of my stickers from Sheree. She has also done some customs for me in the past.
  3. Small Stuff Creations
    One of the things I love most about Small Stuff Creations is that Ashley-Jane makes tiny little stickers that are perfect for personals, minis and Bujos. I pretty much use all of her stickers in my BuJo! Small stickers at small prices what more can a girl ask for?
  4. Paperchase
    We can’t always rely on Etsy of course and this list would not be complete without Paperchase. It is really one of the only high street stores in the UK for planner stuff. A few other shops have some stuff, but Paperchase is like the mothership!
  5. Thomson’s Craft Supplies
    The lovely Louise runs Thomson’s Craft Supplies over on Facebook. She stocks a wide range of crafting supplies and has just started to stock planners too! Well worth a wee nosy in her group!
  6. The Crafty Goblin
    I buy a lot of supplies from The Crafty Goblin for charms, mainly because they stock som many geeky/fandom items. If you are into Doctor Who, Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, Sherlock, Supernatural and so many other shows then you will want ot look over here for sure!
  7. Craftelier
    Craftelier is a great place to get some of the brands that are not really available in the UK. I found them when looking for Smashbooks. They are discontinued and certain books are like gold even in USA, but they are still in stock at Craftelier. They also stock Mambi, Heidi Swapp and Silhouette among others. Apparently, some people have had bad experiences, but I can honestly say that I have shopped with them for over a year and had one parcel delayed.. and that was fixed within 12 hours and I was sent a voucher and candy!
  8. Crafty Ali Cat
    I love Crafty Ali Cat for inserts and TN notebooks. She is a recent discovery for me, but I can see myself buying a lot in the future!
  9. Panda Planning
    Panda Planning is another one of the stores that I have bought a lot of stickers from. I love the little mini  kits that she does and it is an inexpensive way to #buyallthestickers!
  10. The Geeky Planner
    The Geeky Planner was actually the very first planner shop I purchased from. I love all of the themed sets that she has and shipping is always really fast.

So, those are my top ten favourite planner/stationery/craft shops to buy from. I am always looking to add new favourites, so why not share your favourite shops below? Also, while you are at it, be sure to visit with the other girls from the Planner Girls Collective and find out where they go to shop!

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Motivational Quotes + Free Journal Cards #PlannerGirlsCollective


Finally, my first blog post of 2017. I really didn’t expect to take this long to get back in the saddle, but what can I say – I’ve totally been lacking in motivation! That’s why this week’s topic of motivational quotes is so perfect for me to jump back into the saddle. I have made no secret of the fact that I get more than a little bit excited about words! I love them and I have always loved quotes. I collect random quotes that speak to me in different ways and I love using them in scrapbooks and journals. I think as planner girls we all love a good motivational quote as well, don’t we?

Motivation is something that has been on my mind a great deal this past week for a variety of reasons. I am planning to make a few changes to my life this year and if I am being honest I really didn’t do to well with it in the first couple of weeks of the year. Maybe I bit of more than I could chew and expected too much of myself? Maybe I am just lacking the right motivation? Who knows. One of my goals is to build up my creative business – Scarlet Moon Crafts. I have a few ideas up my sleeve, but have been struggling to carve out the time to execute them. It all comes down to motivation. My copywriting business is my bread and butter. I need that to support us until Scarlet Moon is where I want it to be – ie my full time job. However, I have been lacking the motivation to get my copywriting done so that I have the time to work on Scarlet Moon. Then, a conversation with fellow Planner Girl Michelle at Ugly Bug Plans led me to giving her some of the scrapbook kits that I designed back in 2005-2013. She turned them into planner stickers and asked me to put together some other stuff for her to use. Seeing them come to life like that has motivated me to dust off my archive of kits and start getting them out into circulation. I guess you could say that it is my creative motivation moving forward. Just take a look at the stickers and you will see why.


My Favourite Motivational Quotes

Anyway, I have gone way off track here! I swear that I do have a point and I promise that I am about to make it! Since I have some creative mojo back in my life, I decided that I would make some printable project life/ journal cards featuring my favourite motivational quotes and share them here. So, without further ado, my favourite quotes are as follows :

  • What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.
  • When it rains look for rainbows. When it is dark look for stars.
  • Stars cannot shine without darkness.
  • It’s ok to be a glowstick. Sometimes, we have to break before we can shine.

There is a bit of a theme there. I am a complete Nyctophile so I get attracted to all things dark. That’s why I happen to love quotes that help us to see the benefit of the darkness. I think that these quotes do that while also reminding us that dark times are nothing to fear, they just mean that the light is coming.

To download my journal cards simply click HERE or on the preview image below.


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Setting Goals For November


Wow! Here comes November with a bang! Actually it has technically been November for a few days now, but I feel like the back half of October and November has been crazy and I am only just now getting a chance to sit down and actually think about planning November! I have already got my Christmas planner all set up and ready to go, but I am just about to sit down and get my main planners set up as well. I already know that things are going to get pretty busy. This month I feel like my main focus is going to be on setting the house up for Christmas and working on Scarlet Moon Crafts. So, without further a do, here is my goals for the month of November.

Goals For November 2016

  1. Clean and Declutter the Kitchen
    My kitchen is seriously about to get out of control. The thing is, we have barely any surfaces, but tons of cabinets and honestly things just get piled up everywhere. I am pretty sure we have stuff in the back of cupboards that should not be there or that we do not need, but for whatever reason it is jammed in there and it drives me insane! In short, my kitchen is not working for me. This month I want to do a complete deep clean of the whole place. I mean pulling out all of the appliances and emptying every single cupboard! I am determined to streamline it and get it better organized!
  2. Destash My Craft & Planner Supplies
    I have been meaning to do this for at least 6 or 8 weeks now! My stash has now overtaken not only the craft cupboard, but also my desk area, my workstation and a good chunk of my bedroom. It cannot go on! I am going to destash it all and sell what I can then donate the rest!
  3. Build The Scarlet Moon Website
    I am slacking off on the Scarlet Moon sie of my business and I really need to focus on that. I want it to become a decent part time income so I am going to have to start investing time and effort in it. That starts with the website!
  4. Catch Up On Pen Pal Letters
    Since the Summer I have been a horrible pen pal and it is time for me to really get that back on track. I have partially finished letters sitting for at least 3 or 4 people so this month those are going to get done and sent out!
  5. Set Up SPG Binder
    I picked up a gorgeous blue planner/binder from Tiger and I am intending to set it up as a Notebook for the SPG group to track all of my important information and things I have to start doing!
  6. Pre-Film November PWM Videos
    I know that things are about to get really busy, so I want to sit down this weekend or next and pre-film several Plan With Me Videos for November so that I am a little bit ahead of the game!
  7. Clear Out Bedroom Wardrobes
    These guys are becoming a dumping ground. There are things in there that we do not ever pull out of there so it feels like it is time to do something about it!
  8. Make Christmas Cards
    The last 2 years I ended up not sending out cards because I ran out of time to make them! This year I am planning ahead! I have about 20 cards to make – so aiming for 5 a week!
  9. Pack & Send Scarlet Moon Advent Calendars
    These are due to go out on November 7th, so I am just waiting on a couple of last minute bits and pieces to go in them so that I can pack them up!
  10. Make Christmas Stock For Scarlet Moon
    I totally missed out on doing anything for Halloween in the shop, so I will be getting my head down and making some Christmas clips, bands and charms for the shop!

Confessions of a Plannerholic : Halloween Bucket List


Welcome to another edition of Confessions of a Plannerholic! This week we are talking about our Halloween bucket lists! I love Halloween, but this year I feel as though it has almost passed by without me being able to do all that much! However, even although we are staying home this year I still have a few things that I would like to do! It might be a short bucket list and many of the things are just silly little things, but I am still looking forward to it! A few of the things I have already done because they were more like Halloween Weekend activities!  So, without further ado let’s take a look at my Halloween bucket list!

My Halloween Bucket List 2017

  1.  Film & Edit a Halloween Video
    I attempted to do Vlogoween this year and I pretty much failed! Things happened and I ended up not managing to get videos done and edited on time, then I lost a bunch of footage. The result was that I ended up not having videos up everyday. I think I managed about 10 videos! However, I do have the supplies for one last video that I never got around to making and that is 3 Easy Halloween Costumes. So I hope to film and upload that today which will be fun as I get to dress up a little!
  2. Carve a Pumpkin
    I actually forgot to buy my pumpkins this year! If the supermarket has any left at all then I might go ahead and get one in the morning. If not I may have to go old school Scottish and carve a turnip!
  3. Go Ghost Hunting
    I have always wanted to do a Halloween ghost hunt, but for one reason or another I haven’t managed to get the chance. I didn’t think I was going to again this year since the only one I knew of was far too expensive. However, on Thursday night I got asked if I was free to help out an event in Dunoon on Friday so of course I said I can come along! It wasn’t a full on investigation, but it was still fun!
  4. Watch a Horror Movie
    We usually always pull out a horror movie to watch on Halloween night. I’m not sure which one it will be, but it’s a tradition we always stick to!
  5. Have Our Samhain Feast
    I am Wiccan, so I always like to have a bit of a Samhain feast on Halloween! We have candied apples, nuts, fairy spice cakes, colcannon, roast meat, pumpkin bread, remembrance cookies and soul cakes. Traditionally it is eaten at sunset, but due to basketball practice we may be a little late.

So, that is my Halloween bucket list. What sort of activities are you planning?

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Planner Spread Sundays: Happy Halloween

Planner Spread Sundays


Halloween is finally upon us! If you have been around here for any length of time, then you are already going to know that I LOVE Halloween! It is my favourite time of year and I want it to last for as long as possible! I actually get kind of sad when we finally reach Halloween because it feels like the season is coming to an end. However, since Halloween is on a Monday this year I actually have another while week to enjoy in my planner! I tend to accumulate a ton of Halloween stickers, so I have pretty much just pulled all of the kits I had that are orange and black and worked with those! Here is a closer look at the kits that I am going to be using! They come from Handcrafted by Sheree, The Plump Planner and Panda Planning. I’ve spread them out so that you can get a quick look at the sheets.


20161024_090522 20161024_090557
20161024_090444So, that’s what I had to work with and here comes the finished result! I haven’t added much by way of pen yet since I actually planned and recorded this spread last week while on holiday and I wasn’t sure what I was going to be doing!


Check out my plan with me video for the week as well.